Creating a more equal world

In every business transaction there are those who hold all the power and control the direction of the outcome. We started DocSend to change that. We empower those who chase big dreams to win.

DocSend Founders: Tony Cassanego, Russ Heddleston, and Dave Koslow

Chasing a big dream?
We know the feeling.

When three Stanford graduates started a venture in 2013, they were struck by how fundraising was such a black box. Were investors pinning pitch decks to a wall and throwing darts? Forwarding them along with funny gifs? No idea. DocSend was born to put the final nail in the coffin of email attachments, to give business leaders a modern, secure sharing and tracking platform. Today, over 15,000 professionals use DocSend for fundraising, business development and sales, M&A deals, investor relations, and more.

The view from our San Francisco office.

High impact and
low ego team

We are serious about board games and karaoke. We eat lunch together every day. No birthdays and anniversaries go unnoticed. We like each other enough to hangout outside office hours. We are always looking for bright minds to join us and make us better! Did we mention that we love dogs?
Mission Give business leaders who seek to create and sustain successful business partnerships a strategic advantage.

Core values

Our core values are not just a guide for how we hire, they help us stay motivated, energized, and working together as a team.

OWN IT We make every decision from the mindset of an owner.
MAKE IT COUNT Aim for the biggest problem and solve that.
NOBODY CANOES ALONE We’re a team and we’re all paddling in the same direction.
GET OUTSIDE Break through echo chambers. Get out, gain perspective and apply it.
RAISE YOUR HAND Stay curious. Ask questions.

We are always looking for bright minds to join us.