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Move Business Forward with DocSend eSignature

With DocSend eSignature, decision makers and deal makers alike can manage business-critical documents from pitch deck to signed agreement.
eSignature for NDA, SOW, contract

Maybe you’re looking to move a deal or partnership through the pipeline and into execution. Maybe you’re looking to test pre-released product features, and you need to send NDAs to product testers. Or you could be a business leader looking to easily manage your company’s SOW flow. We’ve got good news. You don’t have to sacrifice file control and security to get NDAs, SOWs, and contracts signed ever again.

We’re thrilled to introduce DocSend eSignature’s addition to our Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. With DocSend eSignature, decision-makers and deal makers alike can manage business-critical documents from pitch deck to signed agreement.

Users can expect to easily convert any qualified document in DocSend into a signable document. Once signed, each person will receive a link to download the document for their records. And because we know an audit trail is important, you’ll also receive all the pertinent signer events. It’s that easy.

Here’s how everyone from the C-Suite to HR can use DocSend eSignature to streamline their workflow and become more efficient.

The C-Suite

As a business leader your role is to ensure everything is running smoothly and your team has the resources they need to be successful. Part of that is bringing in agencies and contractors to give your business a boost when you need it. But what should be a straightforward process can get bogged down in back-and-forths over statements of work and NDAs. DocSend eSignature enables you to take a seamless, secure approach to SOW management. Convert your file to a legally binding, signable document and securely share it from your computer or mobile device in a matter of minutes.

Sales & Business Development

When a sales deal is in motion, the last thing you want is a speed bump. With DocSend’s real-time activity notifications, it’s easy to know when to follow up. DocSend gives you real-time view notifications and page-by-page insight into how long prospects spent reviewing your agreement. Once it’s time to strike a deal, DocSend’s robust security enhancements enable prospects to access contracts simply and securely. (And don’t worry—as negotiation unfolds and progresses, version control is a snap.)

Also, solidifying partnerships with marketing or product partners? No problem. DocSend eSignature isn’t just a no-brainer for seamless SOW management—it’s also a no-brainer for easy, scalable NDA management.

Investment Bankers

If you’re a banker actively shopping for prospective company buyers, you’re in luck. The guessing game stops now. DocSend eSignature empowers bankers like you to reliably assess prospective buyer interest and intent based on real-time, page-by-page document engagement analytics.

Before you send proprietary information, why not send over a signable NDA with DocSend?

HR & Recruiting

It’s easy to tell when a candidate is engaged when you can see how they interact with your recruiting materials. DocSend’s activity engagement notifications give you with the inside look to turn your best candidates into your new coworkers.

Now, with DocSend eSignature, offer letters are no different. With a PDF email attachment you have no visibility into the most critical stage of the recruiting process. But DocSend eSignature gives you real-time notifications so you always know where your candidates are in the process.

Start using DocSend eSignature

Users can convert and share signable documents securely from DocSend, while retaining the ability to track visits and gather signatures on most devices. The eSignature feature allows one party to sign and is legally binding for both parties. To learn how to send your first signable DocSend document out in a matter of minutes, and to learn more about DocSend user and signer requirements, click here.

Whether you’re signing or sending NDAs, SOWs, internal HR agreements, offer letters, deal executions, or more, DocSend eSignature is here to ensure you can move business forward—get started and get sending with our Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

Users can also share multiple documents in a data room as a single link. These documents can include Excel files, presentations, word documents, files from Dropbox, and more.

If you don’t have an account on one of those plans and want to take advantage of DocSend eSignature, you can upgrade by clicking here. Otherwise, please feel encouraged to request a demo of eSignature, or give us a call at (888) 258-5951. We look forward to hearing from you!