DocSend Integrates with, SalesLoft, & Yesware: See How Content Drives the Sales Cycle

DocSend integrates with Outreach & SalesLoft

Email outreach is a critical component of the sales process.

When sellers reach out at the right time, with the right content, it has the potential to win key accounts, and turn prospects into paying customers. While a number of tools have popped up to help sales teams scale email outreach, it’s been impossible to track engagement with content you share in email sequences down to the target account and contact level.

As you might expect, that’s a major obstacle to driving the efficiency of your sales process. Especially if you’re practicing an account-based approach to sales and marketing.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that DocSend now integrates with two of the leading sales engagement and email productivity platforms, and SalesLoft. With the launch of these integrations, sellers can see when, where, and how prospects engage with sales content used in email sequences. And because DocSend provides both an individual contact and account-based view of your content performance, you’ll see exactly which collateral helps you close deals.

Optimize Email Outreach with Sales Content

Personalized emails can improve the click-through rates of outreach by 14% and conversions by 10%, according to research from the Aberdeen Group. But without insight into how your personalization efforts are performing on a granular level, it’s impossible to improve engagement over time.

By partnering with two leaders in the space, we’re enabling sales reps to see how accounts and individual contacts engage with the content in their email outreach throughout the sales cycle. Using DocSend Campaign Links, sellers can create a unique link to share content in their email cadences, without ever leaving workflows in either tool.

From inside either Outreach or SalesLoft, simply open the DocSend Chrome extension, select the content you want to share from the dropdown, and the Campaign Link will automatically be copied to your clipboard. Insert the unique Campaign Link into the email template you’d like to customize in either Outreach or SalesLoft, and you’re good to go. When key accounts and individual contacts interact with your link, all activity will map back to DocSend, where you can view activity under the Campaign Links tab.

Campaign Links view when email cadence is created with Outreach or Salesloft.

docsend and salesloft integration and DocSend is a powerful platform designed to help sales teams engage with prospects and secure more meetings. As sales reps engage with prospects, sharing sales content is an important step to drive the sales process forward.

“With this integration, sales teams will finally have deeper insights into what content works throughout the sales cycle,” says Andrew Kinzer, CPO and Co-Founder,

You can learn more about the integration with and DocSend in this short video.

SalesLoft and DocSend

SalesLoft helps modern sales organizations set and execute on a cadence of phone, email, and social communications so they can convert more target accounts into customer accounts.

“We’re really excited that our users can finally share sales content, and get the insight they need about engagement with it at the contact level with DocSend,” said Sean Kester, Vice President of Product Marketing at SalesLoft.

Yesware and DocSend

Simply put, Yesware superpowers your email inbox, with advanced email tracking, time-saving tools, email templates, email campaigns, and more.

With this integration, users of both platforms will be able to track content engagement at scale. That means that you’ll be able to pull content engagement data for every single member of your next Yesware Campaign, both at the recipient and account level,” said Jen Sullivan, Senior Business Operations Analyst at Yesware.

You can learn more about the integration with Yesware and DocSend in this announcement on the Yesware blog.

Ready to Try DocSend Campaign Links?

You must have a DocSend Enterprise account as well as either an account with Outreach or SalesLoft in order to use Campaign Links. If you already have a DocSend Enterprise account and use either Outreach or SalesLoft, just download the DocSend Chrome Extension to get started. Want to upgrade your DocSend account? Give us a shout and we’ll get you set up in no time.


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Securely share your business-critical content with DocSend

Negotiating contracts? Completing due diligence? Sharing sensitive data? All of these are already challenging enough, without having to worry about security, tracking, or analytics.

When you’re in finance, information constantly flows between you and your clients. From spreadsheets to quarterly reports, you need an easy way to store and share your content.

At DocSend, we get it. That’s why we’re introducing two new to features to help finance professionals send their business-critical content with confidence.

With whitelisting and watermarking available right in DocSend, you can easily lock down confidential documents. And, best of all, you’ll always know your content is in the right hands.

Take control of your content with whitelisting

When it comes to sensitive financial information, you can’t risk not knowing when, how, or who is viewing your content. You need complete visibility that starts at the first click.

With dynamic whitelisting, you decide up front who has permission to see your content. Limit access to specific domains or get even more granular by limiting access by email address.

When you have whitelisting enabled, your viewer will be prompted to enter her email address to see your content. You can update your whitelists at anytime to grant or remove permission.

Not to mention, you’ll also have the option to restrict downloading, require a passcode, or set an expiration date – all customizable for each new link or Space:

DocSend Whitelist settings

Add an extra layer of security with watermarking

It’s every finance professional’s worst nightmare: the unauthorized sharing of confidential documents or data. And the most favorable solution is always deterrence.

With watermarking in DocSend, you can prevent circulation by adding a custom overlay of any text over your documents. It’s as simple as checking the option “Watermark document” when creating a new link or Space.

Remember, because watermarking can’t be stripped from your documents, your content is always protected, even if you enable downloading.

You can customize your watermark settings as needed. Edit the text, font, position, and transparency from your Settings page, or update it on the go when sharing new content.

DocSend Watermarking example

Want to get started today?

Whitelisting and watermarking are available on DocSend for Finance. Get started today to see it in action.

Curious to learn more? We’re happy to chat! Request a demo, or drop us a line at [email protected].


Introducing Salesforce account mapping: Accelerate your ABM and ABS strategy


If you’re in B2B sales or marketing today, you’ve probably heard the phrase “account-based” more than a handful of times. And, more likely than not, you or someone in your company is already implementing an account-based approach.

Everywhere you look, account-based seems to be one of the key objectives for industry titans and young upstarts alike. Leading research firm Gartner predicts that account-based marketing (ABM) will become the norm for most tech companies with over $5M in revenue.

It’s all for good reason: Account-based sales and marketing enable companies to invest their resources – time and money – strategically. By focusing on high-value accounts who are a good fit for your product and its capabilities, you increase sales efficiency and optimize for higher ROI.

That’s why we’re deepening our investment in account-based sales and marketing – and helping our customers do the same, right inside DocSend.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Salesforce account mapping in DocSend. Now, you can explicitly link your DocSend accounts to your Salesforce accounts in seconds.

Investing in account-based, from the very first touch

Until recently, tools for implementing account-based approaches to sales and marketing were far and few between. And account-based existed more in theory than in practice.

With Salesforce account mapping in DocSend, you can easily and quickly map all prospect activity in DocSend at the account-level back to your Salesforce accounts. It’s as simple as picking the right Salesforce account when you create a new link or Space — we handle the rest.

Have DocSend accounts you created earlier, or don’t see the right Salesforce account? You can link DocSend accounts to Salesforce accounts at any time by going to your Accounts page.

Salesforce account mapping in DocSend's gmail extension

Account mapping is available in the DocSend web app and in our browser and email extensions.

Remember, you’ll need to connect your Salesforce account before you can take advantage of account mapping. Just visit the Settings page to get started.

Account-based data at your fingertips

Our Salesforce integration is now more robust than ever. 

Along with our earlier updates to custom field mapping and link creation tracking, our latest enhancement makes it simple to sync your DocSend data to Salesforce with accuracy and connect it to things like sales cycle length, win rate, and revenue attainment.

When you map your DocSend accounts to your Salesforce accounts, we’ll automatically:

  • Sync Spaces, link, and visit data for existing leads in Salesforce.
  • Create and sync Spaces, link, and visit data for new leads in Salesforce.
  • Sync Spaces, link, and visit data directly to existing accounts in Salesforce.
  • Assign open tasks to the link or Space owner for unmatched accounts in Salesforce.

If you have specific questions about how DocSend data gets synced to Salesforce, check out our help center or reach out to us at [email protected].

Account mapping - accounts

Map your DocSend accounts to your Salesforce accounts at any time from the Accounts page.

Get started with DocSend’s Salesforce Integration

DocSend’s Salesforce integration is available on our Standard, Finance, and Enterprise plans. If you already have DocSend for Salesforce, create a new Space or link or navigate to your Accounts page to get started with account mapping.

If you’re ready to upgrade, let’s chat! Request a demo or drop us a line at [email protected].