16 Legit & Totally Free Stock Photo Sites Your Competitors Don’t Know & Aren’t Using

Stock photo sites

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

– Ansel Adams

A beautiful, vibrant picture can captivate your audience, bring your message to life, and illustrate your brand’s personality. The best free stock photo sites on the web can work a true miracle. Images from the best stock photo sites can help your reader identify with the message of your blog post or webpage.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true of bad stock photo sites. Bad stock photos can kill an otherwise good presentation, and it’s far too common. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes a bad stock photo bad, but we all know it when we see it.

Stock photos of Customer Support Reps

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How to Share and Track a Secure PDF

how to track pdf

Since its creation in the 1990s, the PDF has become a wildly popular electronic file format for everyone from professionals to students to retirees to children. Sending a PDF email attachment has become a second-nature standard—but have you ever stopped to consider if a PDF file is really secure? Read More…


What we learned from analyzing 34 million content interactions

DocSend's Sales Content Benchmarks Report

It’s widely acknowledged that sales enablement content plays a pivotal role in the buyer’s journey. But do you know how your content actually stacks up?

Companies spend over $12 billion annually on sales enablement tools. And sales enablement professionals, tasked with optimizing how companies do business, have become strategic players on many sales teams.

Problem is, despite the investments being made, few organizations have clear expectations for the impact or success of their sales enablement initiatives. The result? Time and  money wasted.

When it comes to sales enablement content, the cost of misaligned objectives starts in the millions. For mid-market and enterprise companies, it’s estimated that unused or underused B2B content costs roughly $2 million to $2.3 million annually per company.

So, what can businesses do?

While the problem may be costly, the solution is relatively simple. It starts with aligning sales and marketing around the buyer’s journey and sales content performance. By defining benchmarks for success and implementing the methods needed to track it, sales and marketing teams can get and stay on the same page and build rapport with prospects.

“The fact is, the B2B buyer wants to self-educate on their own time. This puts a heavy onus on a thoughtful, ‘full-funnel’ content approach that can influence a purchase decision,” explains Clari’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Karel.

Today’s high-growth organizations drive results by tracking prospect engagement with sales collateral throughout the funnel and aligning it with clear sales content benchmarks. Collecting this type of actionable intelligence translates to higher efficiency, and fewer resources wasted generating content that’s never used.  

In our new report, we delve into the sales content benchmarks every business needs.

Grab your free copy to read the full report.

Insights from over 34 million content interactions

There’s no magic formula for sales enablement content. But, it turns out there are data-driven insights we can glean about developing that content.

In order to create high-performing sales content, marketers and sellers need to understand how their content measures up. They need benchmarks for prospect engagement.

Our new report, From Strategy to Execution, 6 Sales Content Benchmarks Every Business Needs, digs into over 34 million  interactions with sales content on the DocSend platform. Taken in aggregate, these 34 million interactions paint a detailed portrait of when, where, and how prospects consume content during the sales process.

We focus on what the data can tell us about practical, measurable strategies for increasing sales efficiency. And we distill our findings into six sales content benchmarks that every organization can use to start optimizing their content.

Here’s a preview of the first two benchmarks:

Prospects spend less than 3 minutes, on average, on sales content.

sales content benchmarks avg time spent

While 3 minutes may not seem like very much time, prospects often make important judgments about your product as soon they start reading. Track the average viewing time across your content to identify collateral that’s effectively capturing prospects’ attention and collateral that might need to be reworked or shelved.

If you practice account-based selling, dig deeper into how prospects consume your content using page-by-page analytics. Oftentimes, you can figure out what topics matter most to your accounts just by seeing where prospects spend their time.

Over 80% of visits to sales content happen on desktop, not mobile.

sales content benchmarks desktop visits

While mobile may dominate the top of the funnel prospect engagement, the vast majority of prospects at the middle view sales content on desktop. And it makes sense. Prospects involved in important purchasing decisions are likely doing their research during work hours.

What does that mean for content creators? You can stop optimizing every piece of content for all devices and screen sizes. Focus on crafting content that performs well on desktop, and use the extra real estate to make your content easy to digest.

But wait, there’s more.

In this report, we examine all six sales content benchmarks in detail, including the two we called out above. We explain the importance of each benchmark to the sales process, and identify key takeaways for creating, sharing, and measuring sales enablement content.

Additional topics covered in the report include:

  • When should you optimize sales content for mobile?
  • What are the best times to share sales content?
  • What types of sales content perform best?
  • What’s the optimal length for sales content?

sales content benchmarks report 2017


Why Your Sales Team Should Use DocSend

DocSend Sales Team

Close more deals by seeing who’s engaging with your content

Let DocSend put you back in the driver’s seat

Everyone knows life in the tech world moves pretty fast, and if you’re going to survive, you have to adapt and keep up the pace. Many old-school enterprise solutions are quickly falling behind with their inability to accommodate the rapid growth of today’s innovative small startups. Here at DocSend, we’re ahead of the curve, and we’d like to share a story about how we helped Kahuna, Inc. stay ahead too.

Who is Kahuna?

Kahuna was founded in 2012 by customer engagement experts Adam Marchick and Jacob Taylor, with the goal of creating an automated mobile marketing system that would transform how companies engage with their clients. Meeting this goal, they created the Kahuna Engagement Engine™, an online platform that automatically identifies mobile usage behavior and delivers personalized campaigns to maximize usage and revenue. In short, they’ve made mobile marketing easier than ever before and their success shows: the company has expanded significantly and raised two rounds of funding totaling $13 million. And they have some pretty important clientele, including Yahoo! Sports, 1-800-Flowers, and the New England Patriots.

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A Great Trick for Real Estate Investing

DocSend for Real Estate

There’s a smarter way to send your deal book

The real estate industry isn’t necessarily known for its tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Many deals are secured in informal social settings with verbal agreements, and contracts are signed on paper and then faxed or emailed. On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much need for innovative, high-tech ways of doing business. But in reality, much more goes on behind the scenes that could use a little technological boost.

We always love to hear the stories of how DocSend is applied in unexpected ways or in industries that may not have been on our radar and we hope you share those stories with us! Right now, we’re happy to to share the story of how White Point Partners applied DocSend to the real estate business in order to manage their deals and secure property investments.

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Rock Health & DocSend: Grow your business with trackable content

DocSend and RockHealth Case Study

Working better together

We really love to see customers come up with creative ways to apply DocSend to solve their company’s problems. We’re going to start sharing some of these stories, starting with Rock Health.

Rock Health funds and supports startups building the next generation of technologies transforming healthcare. Halle Tecco, the CEO at Rock Health, started the company in 2010 and since then has been doing amazing work. The Next Web named Halle one of the eight women in tech to watch out for. At a time when US healthcare spending alone has topped $3.8 trillion, there’s no doubt she and Rock Health are working to solve critical problems.

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