How to Zip a File and Password Protect It

Confused about how to create a zip file (or simply how to zip a file)? Struggling to password protect a zip file? Either way, wonder no longer—we’re ready to explore everything you need to know about how to make, create, zip, and password protect zip files on Mac. Let’s dive in and get started. How Read more...

how to track pdf

How to Share and Track a Secure PDF

Since its creation in the 1990s, the PDF has become a wildly popular electronic file format for everyone from professionals to students to retirees to children. Sending a PDF email attachment has become a second-nature standard—but have you ever stopped to consider if a PDF file is really secure?

DocSend's Sales Content Benchmarks Report

What we learned from analyzing 34 million content interactions

It’s widely acknowledged that sales enablement content plays a pivotal role in the buyer’s journey. But do you know how your content actually stacks up?

Stock photo sites

16 Legit & Totally Free Stock Photo Sites Your Competitors Don’t Know & Aren’t Using

Here are 15 free stock photo sites - from Unsplash to Pexels - that have a large selection of high-quality options.

DocSend Sales Team

Why Your Sales Team Should Use DocSend

See how DocSend helped mobile marketing startup Kahuna close more deals, faster with unprecedented visibility into the sale process.

DocSend for Real Estate

A Great Trick for Real Estate Investing

See how private real-estate investment firm White Point Partners uses DocSend to track their deal book, manage the sale, and secure new investments.

DocSend and mNectar Case Study

How to fundraise the right way

Discover how advertising startup mNectar used DocSend to raise their Series A by keeping their deck polished, their investors engaged, and their pitch in the right hands.

DocSend and RockHealth Case Study

Rock Health & DocSend: Grow your business with trackable content

Learn how healthcare startup Rock Health uses DocSend to secure their content, track what's working, and get insight into key stakeholders.

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