Metrics that matter: 3 ways to measure sales content performance

The most important part of sales content isn’t what you create, it’s how it performs. And that means digging into the data to track the KPIs that matter most to your business.

boost sales forecast accuracy

How to Boost Sales Forecast Accuracy in 4 Simple Steps

The sales forecast can be a key strategic asset for your business. But only if sales teams and managers are aligned around the right data, goals, and a shared vision for success.

buyer's guide for sales enablement

9 Ways to Make Buying Sales Enablement Software Less Painful

We share the 9 key questions you should ask before selecting your next sales enablement solution (+ free checklist).

why track sales content

Why You Should Track the Performance of Sales Content

There’s an often-cited line about content and the sales process that goes something like this: “The typical buyer consumes X pieces of content before talking to a salesperson.”

sales training with Rachel Balik

Educating and Training Sales Teams with Rachel Balik

DocSend CEO Russ Heddleston sits down with Rachel Balik, Director of Product Marketing at Demandbase, to discuss best practices for educating and training sales teams.

aligning sales and customer success

5 Benefits and 5 Tips for Aligning Sales and Customer Success

When sales and customer success work in harmony, customers are happier, retention rates rise, sales improve, and referrals abound.

Sales Floor Evolution Infographic

[Infographic] This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Sales Team: How the Sales Floor Has Evolved

It's no secret that the state of sales has evolved. Check out this infographic to see how sales has changed, and what your team can do to get and stay ahead.

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