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Getting started with DocSend’s integration with Dropbox Capture in 4 steps

DocSend's integration with Dropbox Capture gives you the best of both products in one unified experience. Here are just a few ways you can confidently close new business at scale with personalized and asynchronous video recordings.

In today’s virtual first world, teams are more distributed than ever, which has led to a higher dependency on asynchronous communication. Earlier this year, DocSend’s research team found that over 40% of salespeople say their sales cycles have recently gone hybrid and more than 55% of this group believe hybrid sales cycles are here to stay. While virtual tools have made it easier than ever to connect with others far and wide, standing out and scheduling time with the right person becomes an even greater challenge in a competitive sales environment.

What does it mean to work asynchronously?

Asynchronous communication has always been around since the days of writing letters back and forth. Today, this might look like writing an email in a crowded coffee shop, or editing a statement of work on an airplane. Though technology has sped up communication, in many ways, misunderstandings from written communication slow down efficiency, which is why many might opt for synchronous methods of communication.

In the context of remote work, this means solving problems using collaboration tools like DocSend or over Slack, before scheduling a meeting. While there are many strategies on how to communicate more effectively when working virtually, often people might be left wondering if they struck the right tone. Luckily, many video communication tools like Dropbox Capture exist to make it easier to get your message across in less time.

Benefits of using asynchronous video communication

Research shows that personalization drives 10 to 15 percent revenue lift. Additionally, 26% of deals close faster with proposals driven by video. Short video recordings are just one way you can stand out in an oversaturated remote sales world. This use of asynchronous communication can feel like a more personal experience for your potential customers without the headache of setting up a live video meeting. Using tools like Dropbox’s Capture integration with DocSend gives sellers the best of both products in one unified experience. Here are just a few ways sellers can use DocSend’s integration with Dropbox Capture to confidently close new business at scale with personalized video recordings.

26% of deals close faster with proposals driven by video

A tailored video experience for prospects

Gone are the days of knocking on doors and sending out emails to catch someone’s attention. Asynchronous video recordings can give sellers a leg up by adding human warmth to the dreaded “cold” call. Not only can you bring focus and clarity to your message with a video, but also build a bridge for connection. A video recording is a great place to name drop a shared interest or mutual connection you might have with a prospect.

Close faster sales cycles with video

Back and forth emails of trying to land a meeting time that works for multiple parties across time zones can be a major blocker for closing deals. With short video recordings, prospects can watch demos on their own time and determine whether they are interested in your offering. Even better, those who respond to your videos are likely warmer leads who need less context setting. That way, you can prioritize your day by focusing on the most engaged leads who have viewed your videos.

Consolidate and scale prospect outreach with the right tool

Finding the recording you made shouldn’t be a time consuming endeavor that takes away from building meaningful relationships. It’s important when looking for an asynchronous communication tool to find one that can store your videos alongside your prospect proposals, pricing sheets, and other critical files.

With DocSend’s integration with Dropbox Capture, you can easily access prospect videos in one dedicated client portal. Not only is it simple for you to find, but also your prospects will love having easy access to a folder containing a personalized video knowledge base, so they can review your proposals with added clarity. Paired with DocSend’s advanced video analytics, you can leverage rich viewer engagement metrics, like dropoff points in your video. This way, you can optimize future videos by knowing what is most interesting to a client. DocSend also gives an overall viewer engagement score that measures specific behaviors like if a viewer watched in full screen or in focus, muted or unmuted, and playback speed to understand how your pitch video is performing. DocSend’s integration with Dropbox Capture turbo-charges pitches by allowing video to be shared from the same place and with the same level of control as your decks, brochures, and price sheets.

How to send videos with DocSend’s Capture integration in 4 steps

Sometimes, documents shared on their own can fall flat. Maybe it was too long, or perhaps it got lost in email inboxes that are overflowing with proposals. With DocSend’s integration with Dropbox Capture, you can create recordings that bring your documents to life. With added personalization, you can confidently win bigger deals, all in one place. Here is how you can get more done with less meeting fatigue in just a few steps today.

Step 1: Connect your Dropbox account to DocSend

From your DocSend account, click Upload Content, where you will be asked to choose a service to connect to DocSend. Once you select Dropbox, enter your Dropbox login credentials and click Allow DocSend to access your Dropbox account. 

Authenticate your Dropbox account in DocSend

Step 2: Open a document in DocSend

Find that winning proposal you were working on that needs additional explanation or an added human feel. You might want to add a short, tailored demo with a contextual voiceover to create that moment of understanding with a prospect.

Record a Capture video in DocSend

Step 3: Record and upload your video into DocSend

Once you access your document in DocSend, you can add a personal video recording that can be shared alongside your documents. Playback your recording and re-record if you want a better take. When your recording is ready to go, click Insert recording.

Step 4: Share your recording with others

Now your video is ready to share with select recipients. Rest assured you can protect your recordings with a built-in agreement workflow, so business critical information is kept confidential. Once your Capture video is in DocSend, it lives alongside all of your proposals, so you can easily find your content and modify security settings at any time. Once a video is shared, you’ll always be in the loop with email notifications on viewer behavior. For a deeper dive into the data, you can also explore DocSend’s advanced video analytics to better gauge prospect interest.

And in a matter of moments, you’re on your way to closing more deals and setting a new standard for asynchronous communication for virtual workers everywhere.

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