The DocSend for Gmail Plug-In is Finally Here

Easily find content and create DocSend links right from your inbox with our new DocSend for Gmail plug-in, powered by the Streak Extension.
DocSend for Gmail Plug-in


It’s now way, way easier to create and send DocSend links.

We’ve heard it before that DocSend is super useful, but sometimes it can be a pain to create a new link each time you send a document.

We now have the answer: you can create links right from within Gmail. When you’re composing a message, there’s now a DocSend icon.

Gmail composer screens hot

Clicking the icon brings up all your documents and allows you to insert a unique links right into your email.

link creation in gmail

If you want to turn off a link or see usage stats, just head over to DocSend as usual.

Visit analytics

Thankfully, we didn’t have to build this all from scratch. We are lucky enough to be a launch partner for Streak’s app platform for Gmail. We used all the hard work they’ve done on their product as a basis for our plugin. Stay tuned for more great news from Streak on their app platform for Gmail.

For the full description and to install the Gmail plugin, check out the landing page at Streak: