Notícias do DocSend
Notícias do DocSend

Anúncio de links internos: uma fonte da verdade para todo o seu conteúdo

Com os links internos dor DocSend, você pode obter informações críticas sobre o conteúdo que compartilha dentro de sua organização, desde decks de treinamento até inteligência competitiva, com uma camada extra de segurança.
Encontre, compartilhe e rastreie todo o conteúdo interno da sua empresa

There’s one secret to high-performing sales teams that we don’t talk about nearly enough.

And it’s sales training – coaching, knowledge-sharing, skill development.

When competing for prospects’ time and attention, sellers do far more than just share relevant and targeted content with prospects, although the best ones do a lot of that.

Sellers also lean on their training and the resources at-hand for guidance, whether it’s studying product sheets or consulting competitive sales battle cards.

You see, sellers and marketers create a lot of content that’s only meant to be shared internally – and they need a single source of truth for all their collective knowledge.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the addition of Internal Links to DocSend.

Now you can get the same critical insight into content you share inside your organization, with an additional layer of security, as you already get into the content you share externally.

Introducing Internal Links for DocSend Enterprise

Accelerate team performance with complete visibility

Sales training drives bottom-line results by helping sellers learn new techniques, skills, and processes.

And the evidence for sales training is in the data: Sellers who complete training programs have 10% higher win rates, on average, than those who don’t.

Only problem is, sales and marketing managers struggle to track who’s actually reviewed the training materials, how much time they spent reading it, or how often they reference it going forward.

Internal Links makes it easy to coach your team to higher performance with complete visibility and accountability. When you share an Internal Link, you get robust analytics on individual employee and team engagement, so you can keep everyone winning at the highest level.

Share internal content with Internal Links for DocSend

An extra layer of security for your peace of mind

When sending training or other sensitive materials to your team, the last thing you want to worry about is, will my content end up in the wrong hands?

Internal Links protects your content by limiting access to only people from your company. To view an Internal Link, you must be logged into DocSend and a member of your company’s DocSend account.

And, just like with all other DocSend links, you have the ability to customize permissions for your Internal Links. You decide whether or not to enable downloading, set an expiration date, or – if you want another layer of security – add a passcode.

You’ll also get real-time visit notifications for your Internal Links. That way, you always know what’s happening to – and who’s viewing – your most important content.

Set custom permissions for your Internal Links in DocSend

Want Internal Links right now?

Support for Internal Links is currently available for DocSend Enterprise accounts. If you don’t have DocSend Enterprise and want Internal Links, now’s the time to upgrade your account.

Get a demo of DocSend Enterprise, or give us a call at (888) 258-5951.