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Insights do produto

Crie sua sala de dados avançada em instantes com nosso guia passo a passo

O DocSend acaba de lançar o plano Advanced Data Rooms. Saiba como usar os principais recursos com nossos quatro vídeos detalhados.

Businesses of today rely on digital tools to share files and manage large volumes of content to grow and succeed. These tools need to be fast, easy to use, and secure – giving you the control you need to share sensitive business content without any of the worry. Enter DocSend Advanced Data Rooms, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your end-to-end deal workflow, so you can close deals faster and with greater confidence.

Advanced Data Rooms give you enhanced control over all your files, with granular security features including passcode protection, watermarking, NDAs, and more. Robust analytics give you x-ray vision into viewer engagement metrics: which files were viewed and for how long, key drop-off points, and who your files were forwarded to. 

Ready to create your first data room and start sharing files? To get you started, we’ve created four step-by-step how-to videos that will get you up to speed in no time. 

1. Set up and track your data room

Learn the fundamentals of setting up a DocSend data room. Upload files, organize your content, personalize your Space, and see how to track viewer engagement with the tips in this video. 


  • Add branded logos and thumbnails
  • Organize your data room
  • Secure content with granular permissions, down to the folder level
  • Explore detailed analytics

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2. Add internal collaborators

Share ideas and content with ease. Learn how to add  your teammates as collaborators so they can customize, collaborate, and track real-time insights.  

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3. Share data securely using links

DocSend advanced data rooms allow you to share your business-critical data in two ways: through link sharing and group sharing. This video focuses on link sharing and shows you how to create links customized for different audiences.

You’ll learn how to create links with unique permissions structures, so you can control exactly how each recipient can interact with your files. 

Learn how to add the following security controls to each link: 

  • Require an NDA to view
  • Require email authentication
  • Include an expiration date
  • Include a passcode
  • Allow downloading
  • Prevent downloading

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4. Share data using groups

Want to share your data with a large number of people? DocSend’s group-sharing makes it simple. Rather than emailing a link to your intended recipients, you can create groups and send notifications directly through DocSend.

Like the link-sharing feature, group sharing allows you to specify each group’s access permissions on a granular level.

This video walks you through how to invite groups to your data room and set unique permissions for each group. 

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