Notícias do DocSend
Notícias do DocSend

Apresentação do rastreamento da criação de link do DocSend no Salesforce

Agora, você pode executar relatórios no Salesforce para identificar as tendências na criação e no uso de links por representantes de vendas individuais, para saber como sua equipe utiliza o conteúdo de capacitação de vendas.
Rastreamento da criação de link do DocSend no Salesforce

The practice of sales and marketing has become incredibly complex. Whether it’s deciding which sales activities to pursue, or how to track, measure, and enable success, there’s no shortage of advice to consider, and software to evaluate.

In fact, in just under ten years, the marketing tech landscape has grown from a few hundred software solutions to well over 5,000. And the proliferation of tools designed to “help” sales teams is gaining momentum as well. In fact, a recent report on the state of the sales technology landscape revealed more than 700 players in the space in just a few years alone.

Which is precisely why DocSend decided to take the opposite approach when building our sales enablement software. Instead of creating another solution that doesn’t play well with others, we built one that works where sales and marketing teams already do. That’s why DocSend operates right inside Gmail or Outlook, and integrates with other popular tools like Outreach and SalesLoft.

It’s also why we continue to enhance our robust integration with Salesforce, the single source of truth for sales leaders, managers, and reps.

Today, we’re excited to share our latest enhancement to our Salesforce integration: DocSend Link Creation tracking.

Better Sales Enablement, From the Inside Out

DocSend is a sales enablement solution that helps you leverage content more strategically throughout the sales process. Using our Salesforce integration and custom field mapping functionality, teams can track the content they share with prospects at the account level, and identify which pieces drive conversions, bigger deals, or are more successful in specific verticals. These insights plays a pivotal part in optimizing the sales process.

But sales enablement shouldn’t stop there.

That’s why our latest enhancements to the DocSend integration with Salesforce provide sales leaders and managers with the tools they need to track, analyze and optimize the sales process from the inside out.

Now, teams can run reports in Salesforce to identify trends in link creation and usage by individual sales rep, so there’s a clear picture of how well your team is utilizing sales enablement content.

With DocSend Link Creation tracking, you’ll be able to see:

  • Which reps are creating links. Whether it’s linking to to individual pieces of content or sharing entire Spaces, the latest enhancement to our Salesforce integration gives sales leaders and managers the ability to see which team members are making the most of DocSend.
  • When a link is sent. When are reps sharing content designed to enable sales? With the latest Salesforce integration update, it’s easy to identify trends in sharing DocSend links, and determine if reps are following your organization’s best practices for content sharing.
  • How well a link performs. When a rep sends a DocSend link, do prospects engage with it? Now you can finally answer this question authoritatively, and analyze the outcome. For example, if a link gets sent out, but your target doesn’t interact with it, it may be a signal that your prospect has gone cold, and is in need of additional outreach.

With Link Creation tracking from DocSend, sales leaders and managers finally have the insight they need to enable the sales process on a rep-by-rep basis, right where they already work: Salesforce.

Getting Access to Salesforce Link Creation Tracking

DocSend’s integration with Salesforce is available on Enterprise accounts only. If you’re ready to upgrade or have questions about the Salesforce integration, shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 888-258-5951.