Notícias do DocSend
Notícias do DocSend

Announcing folders, search, new link settings – and more

Find and share the content that closes deals with our brand new features, including folders, search, and defaults for your link settings.
Introducing Folders in DocSend

Folders, Search, and More

We’ve been thrilled to see people using DocSend so heavily that their accounts are overflowing with data and documents. This release is dedicated to those power users, so they can keep on DocSending to their heart’s desire.


Yes yes, we know. It’s about time we added this in. You can now organize your documents into folders. Just add a folder, and then drag your documents between them to organize things just the way you’d like.

Glorious, glorious folders


We get a lot of user feedback that goes like, “I just really wish there was a way I go go back and see everyone from a company who looked through anything I send them.” That would indeed be very useful, and search is the answer. Text in your document names, link names, and anything collected from a visitor is all searchable in one place.


Link Defaults

This was really a no-brainer. We now save the link settings you choose, and the next time you create a link we make that the default. * thanks for your patience! *


Save for Later

This feature is super handy for those of you who receive a lot of DocSend links. Any DocSend links you view are all now put in one place. If it’s been updated since you last looked at it, we let you know. If the link has been disabled, then it’s still in your list although you can’t access it.

Viewed docs

As always, send us feedback on what you’d like us to build next!