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Insights do produto

Use os modelos do DocSend para colaborar com mais rapidez

Compartilhe propostas, estudos de caso, documentos de due diligence e muito mais com apenas um link usando as salas de dados do DocSend.

If you use DocSend data rooms, you’re already making life easier for the people you collaborate with. DocSend data rooms lets you share proposals, case studies, due diligence documents, and so much more with a single link—and everyone appreciates you a little more for being so organized and professional. 

Now it’s time for work to get a little easier for you—the one setting up the data room everyone appreciates so much. With DocSend data room templates, you can create a readymade virtual data room with just one click, then customize it to suit your needs.

When you access the Spaces page, you’ll see four templates in the content library. If you share existing folders from this content library, a data room will be created using this existing structure. or existing folders on the Content page in DocSend, you’ll now have the option to create from four templates:

1. Client portal

Mostly for: Sales teams, agencies, consultants, and freelancers who want to centralize, protect, and customize all the documents they need to collaborate with clients at all stages of a project.

Template includes: Company information, proposals, contracts

Customization example: When collaborating with artists like Lizzo and Billie Eilish, Cour Design customizes every project for each client—which means their pricing strategy is just as bespoke. The agency sends almost a dozen proposals to potential new clients every month, so they needed a way to gauge true interest from potential clients. DocSend’s analytics allows Cour Design to track activity on every proposal, so they know what’s working and what should be revised for future engagements. 

Learn more about how Cour Design uses DocSend Spaces to collaborate with high-profile clients. 

2. Virtual data room

Mostly for: Investors, founders, boards, and other due diligence professionals who need extra security when sharing sensitive documents.

Template includes: Due diligence documents, pitch decks, financial documents

Customization example: Maor Investments, a leading growth investor in the Israeli tech ecosystem, relies on DocSend’s virtual data room to securely share decks, legal documents, and other material with potential LPs and investors. Thanks to DocSend’s analytics, they’re able to gauge potential investor interest and follow up with the people most likely to invest based on their engagement with files.

Learn more about how Maor Investments uses DocSend Spaces to raise capital.

3. Onboarding

Mostly for: HR professionals and managers who need a secure and scalable way to onboard new employees. 

Template includes: Company policies, training videos, offer letters, signed agreements

Customization example: More than doubling in size year over year, the team at Bond needed a secure and scalable way to onboard new employees. When a new employee joins, human resource managers use DocSend to collect all new onboarding documents: offer letters, signed agreements, “and pretty much anything you can think of that you’ve signed as an employee.”

Learn more about how Bond uses DocSend to streamline their recruitment efforts, too.

4. Board meeting

Mostly for: Founders, other C-suite executives, and investors who need a secure way to share sensitive documents before and after a board meeting.

Template includes: Agendas, meeting minutes, financial documents

Customization example: Founded in 2018, BioscienceLA is a not-for-profit organization focused on building a collaborative life sciences ecosystem. They share presentations and financials with their board members and they needed protections to make sure materials weren’t getting into the wrong hands. With DocSend, BioscienceLA is able to protect sensitive documents with password-protection and email verification.

Learn how BioscienceLA uses DocSend to maintain concise communication with board members.

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