Research Report

The seed round in 2021-22: Proving market fit and monetization amid uncertainty

For the third year in a row, DocSend is reporting on trends in seed stage fundraising. The value of fundraising transparency is stronger than ever: as VCs spend less and less time evaluating pitch decks, knowing what VCs choose to evaluate, and for how long, becomes even more critical. Our unique pitch deck data allows us to study what funding rounds look like and document how they change over time. It also allows us to take a forward-looking perspective on startup fundraising, which is essential in times of economic uncertainty. 

This new, 25-page report covers the make-or-break factors in raising a seed round in today's market.

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A quick preview into our seed findings

Time spent reading decks
VCs spent over 233% more time on Business Model section for decks that did not get funding.
Traction, traction, traction
VCs spent 28% more time on Traction section of decks that received funding.
Tie your business problem to a precise solution
Investors spent 56% less time on the Solution section for decks that got funded.