DocSend Contributor Program

We seek to feature candid advice and stories written by founders, VCs, and startup industry experts to their peers.

What is the DocSend Contributor Program?

At DocSend, we seek to feature outside experts on our blog and in our Weekly Index newsletter to share unique and diverse perspectives from within the tech community. We are building a community of candid knowledge sharing and startup lessons learned. We have published contributed content including startup fundraising stories, insights from VCs, reactions to our DocSend Startup Index research, founder team building, startup storytelling, post-fundraising tactics, and more. With this program, we aim to cover topics that can help startup founders and investors in their journey of building great companies. You can submit your content for editorial review through this form.

The Benefits of Joining our Contributor Program

Sharing your unique stories, advice, and expertise will help strengthen your reputation and ensure valuable exposure for you and your company. When you write for our contributor program, you’ll be featured as a guest author on our website. We’ll promote your voice across our channels, and your post will be seen by over 30,000 monthly blog readers, 18,000 newsletter subscribers, and 34,000+ DocSend customers.

Who Can Contribute?

If you’ve got an idea for a story, we’d love to hear it. Our contributors are thoroughly vetted and often come from the following groups: startup founders or executives, VCs or investors, industry experts, and DocSend customers.

What Should I Submit?

Option 1: A completed draft of your content. Our review and editorial process will move faster if you submit a full draft of your story in advance.

Option 2: An abstract or outline of your content idea. We’re able to evaluate partial submissions, and provide editorial guidance to the most promising ideas, but this process will be slower.

What Should My Submission Include?

Be creative! We’re open to many types of stories. Here are some potential ideas and guidelines, though: takeaways, advice, and insights about startups; personal experiences, stories of successes and of obstacles overcome, actionable pieces on the fundraising process, hiring, “how to’s”, etc.; content should avoid cynical brand promotion.

What Don’t We Accept?

DocSend contributors write about a variety of topics; nonetheless there are certain submissions we don’t accept, including spam or advertising, sales pitches, content from freelancers or SMBs.

Please note that we retain editorial control over all submissions. DocSend’s Contributor Program is selective and a submission is not a guarantee of publication.

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