How UserGems Successfully Raised Their Seed Round Using DocSend Fundraising Network

UserGems raises their seed round by securing a term sheet through the DocSend Fundraising Network.

As Christian Kletzl, co-founder & CEO of UserGems, looked to raise a seed round, he knew he could benefit from an extra hand at getting investor introductions. Enter DocSend Fundraising Network (DFN), a free data-driven program dedicated to connecting quality founders to committed VCs.

“When I submitted my pitch deck to DocSend Fundraising Network, I not only received tangible, specific feedback within 48hrs from DocSend on how I could perfect my pitch, I also was introduced to VCs that were genuinely interested in my idea.”



“DocSend Fundraising Network was able to introduce me to Uncork Capital, which resulted in a term sheet! This type of custom, hands-on help during the fundraising process is invaluable for any founder.”

UserGems’ Success Metrics with DocSend Fundraising Network

The DFN was able to provide UserGems with introductions to 21 interested VCs, resulting in 8 meetings, 2 term sheet offers, and one confirmed term sheet from Uncork Capital.

Prior to DocSend, Christian shared his pitch deck with investors via an attachment. This led to a lot of unknowns and questions, such as was there any interest and which investors were genuinely interested?



“With DocSend my insight no longer stops the second I send an email to investors. With real-time notifications, I know who is looking at my deck, for how long, and most importantly, which part of my pitch they’re most interested in. Whenever my presentations include information that changes over time, or I need to know how that information was consumed, I use DocSend.”

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