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Bringing DocSend to your whole sales and marketing team

Announcing Team Folders for DocSend. Now you can get and keep your whole team on the same page with shared folders for your content.
Announcing Team Folders for DocSend

Seamlessly coordinate content. Never send out-of-date docs again.

We’re excited to release the first in a series of features aimed at helping teams work together more effectively! This release is all about Team Folders.

Team folders screen shot

So what’s the problem?

Imagine you’re a marketer. You create beautiful product overviews, case studies, and FAQs that your sales team and account managers send to customers. In an ideal world, you send new versions of these docs to your coworkers and they then use these in their workflow.

Here’s the problem: we aren’t in an ideal world. As a marketer, you have no way of knowing if your coworkers are sending out the correct docs. Are they using an old version? Maybe they decided to make some minor “edits”, or even just come up with their own version (yikes!)?

Why Team Folders

Hundreds of teams are already using DocSend as it gives them analytics and control over documents they send, which helps them see who’s engaged.

Team Folders allow these teams to all send out the same versions of common company docs, like case studies, sales decks, and marketing overviews. If anyone updates a document in a Team Folder, then everyone else instantly gets the new version and any link to that document anyone has ever sent also instantly points to the new version.

Creating your team

Before you can use Team Folders, you first need to put your team together on DocSend. There’s a handy new Team tab in the left column. Clicking on this shows your Team admin interface. Simply type in your team members emails to invite them to your team:

Team creation screen shot

Using Team Folders

Once you have your team setup, create a new folder and mark it as being for your team:

New folder screen shot

This folder and any docs you drag into it will be accessible by your team. Be careful you don’t delete them, as this this deletes them for the whole team as well!

Stay tuned for more team features, and as always let us know if you have feedback anytime at [email protected].