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A Series A Round by the Numbers

A highlight of insights from our new report The Anatomy of a Series A Raise, fundraising research survey, and more.
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This week’s Startup Index Newsletter highlights data from our new report “The Anatomy of a Series A Raise“. As subscribers, you are the first group to see this exclusive data and can register to get priority access to the report and Q&A webinar.

A Series A By The Numbers (from our new report)

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More insights we’ll share in the new report

  • Find out what parts of your Series A pitch deck VCs are the most interested in.
  • Learn what the optimal timeline to raise is.
  • Discover what to expect in your Series A fundraising round, from how many investors to contact to how long it will take.

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Join Russ Heddleston, CEO of DocSend, for our webinar Q&A where he shares new data from the upcoming report The Anatomy of a Series A Raise on what it takes to raise a successful Series A round.

When: Thursday, October 29th at 10 am PST (7 PM CET)

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Pitch Deck Interest Metrics Update

The average time investors spent reading per pitch deck went down last week. This is unique because it marks the second-lowest recorded “investor time spent” metric in 2020 at 2:47 minutes and is 20.29% lower than the same week in 2019. (tweet this) Read our full analysis of last week’s changes in the fundraising marketplace.

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One of the hardest questions to answer when considering an A is “when is my company ready?” This is another one of those questions for which there are hundreds of answers on the internet, none of which are particularly satisfying. The reason these answers don’t work is that each rule has so many exceptions as to make the rule seem silly. Aaron Harris of Y Combinator shares his framework.

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