Ressourcer til nystartede virksomheder

Derfor lancerede vi DocSend-modellen med eksterne samarbejdspartnere

Med vores nye model for eksterne samarbejdspartnere kan brugerne nemt oprette og administrere flere DocSend-konti i appen, hvilket gør det nemt at samarbejde med eksterne partnere.
eksterne samarbejdspartnere

One of my favorite parts of being a product marketer for DocSend is hearing about the new and creative ways our users leverage DocSend in their lines of work.

When we started, DocSend was intended to help companies improve the effectiveness of their outbound communication efforts with secure document sharing and actionable analytics. However, over time, we’ve heard from more and more companies who are using our platform to help streamline their collaboration efforts over documents with external advisors such as investment bankers, agencies, consulting firms, and venture capitalists in order to reach a mutual business outcome. We want to continue to empower those teams, so we’ve just released a new set of features for external collaborators.

Users can now easily set up and manage multiple DocSend accounts within the application, enabling frictionless collaboration with external partners. Users can then easily switch between accounts within DocSend, removing the need to log out then back into DocSend. This way, collaborators share visibility into outbound efforts and content performance and they can each upload and update content, including NDAs and other documents for esignature.

I’ve outlined a few of the use cases we had in mind when building this feature, but I also look forward to hearing the creative ways our users can leverage what we’ve built to improve their external collaboration.

Investment bankers

A key feature of virtual data rooms for investment bankers is the ability to easily work with your client(s) from the start of the deal marketing process through due diligence. Moving forward, investment bankers can easily create a new DocSend account for every new client.  Together they can gather and manage all the necessary documentation that pertains to each deal, share visibility into DocSend’s document engagement analytics with each client, and manage NDA execution. It also means you can pass off the billing ownership to your client (you’re welcome).


While agencies are masters of managing multiple projects at a time, they will tell you that maintaining effective client communication and collaboration throughout each project is key to success. Whether the agency creates a new DocSend account for the client or the client invites them to their existing DocSend account, being able to quickly switch from client to client not only saves agencies time, but it also increases their ability to provide impact. Shared visibility into analytics helps the agency partners understand what’s working and what’s not. More importantly, agencies can now take the initiative and update content when necessary. Whether it’s tweaking a media pitch, updating marketing content, or replacing assets, both agencies and their clients now have full access to all the content within DocSend.

Venture capitalists

Over the years, DocSend has helped many early-stage founders and venture capitalists fundraise in order to grow their businesses — it’s time we improve the way they work together.

While each founder has their own unique relationship with their investors and vice versa, this new model opens up the opportunity for both to partner on business strategy development, future fundraising efforts, sales efforts, and investor reporting. VCs can extend the reach of their advisor role and founders can share visibility into fundraising or the progress of a big deal for feedback with their VC investors, it’s a win-win.

Interested in working with external partners through DocSend? Follow this help center article to get started, and if you’re new to DocSend, start a free trial and see how DocSend might be able to help your business.