Wizard Ventures gør sin fundraising 25 % hurtigere ved hjælp af Dropbox DocSend

Using DocSend’s analytics and virtual data rooms, Wizard Ventures has secured more funding, faster, by tailoring follow-up based on investor preferences.


Maximilian Fleitmann has been building businesses, raising funds, and navigating investor interactions since he was 15. After founding Venture Studio firm Wizard Ventures in 2022, Max realized the fundraising process for his companies was time consuming and in the current environment not securing enough investment. Wizard Ventures needed to better understand investor preferences so outreach could be personalized to secure more funding.


Wizard Ventures relied on sending pitch decks manually, which meant Maximilian and the team were in a constant battle with version control and struggled to make a solid first impression with prospective investors. “We were approaching tens of investors every month with very little feedback, and although we were constantly adapting our approach we had no clue how our decks were perceived”, Maximilian explains.


Using DocSend, Wizard Ventures has secured more investment, faster. The platform allows Maximilian and the team to fully understand investor intent and build up trust with investors. As Maximilian puts it: “Fundraising is all about trust, and DocSend helps me show investors we’re a professional organization they should be investing their money in.”

A need for faster, more professional fundraising

Wizard Ventures needed to better understand investor preferences so outreach could be personalized to secure more funding.

With no easy way to find out who viewed investment decks, the people it was shared with, and how they were interacting with it, personalization was impossible. “I realized early on that fundraising is all about managing the process, and building trust amongst investors. To do that, we knew we needed a more professional fundraising tool,” Maximilian says.

To personalize the approach, separate serious investors from time-wasters, and speed up the investment process, Wizard Ventures started using Dropbox DocSend.

Prioritize investor outreach with DocSend analytics

With analytics giving the team a deeper understanding of how investors are engaging with decks, time has been saved by prioritizing investors that show a genuine interest in the business. “For every investor, we have detailed insight into which pages of the deck they look at, how long they’re viewing for, and what content they’re engaging with. From this data we focus our follow up for engaged investors, and cut out the time wasters,” Maximilian says.

Once engaged, Maximilian and the team can spin up a secure DocSend Virtual Data Room (VDR) in under five minutes. Armed with investor analytics and built-in personalization features, Wizard Ventures then customize the look, feel, and content to tailor every room for every investor. “Being able to build a customizable VDR in under five minutes has been a game changer for us. It shows we‘ve done our homework and gives investors a VIP experience; that builds trust, and works wonders in convincing people to invest,” adds Maximilian.

DocSend has helped Wizard Ventures introduce an easily-repeatable investment process that saves time, showcases professionalism, and helps engage more investors. Or, as Maximilian succinctly puts it: “DocSend helps me achieve a high level of quality in every aspect of my fundraising, from sending out pitch decks, to analyzing investor intent, to creating a space where I can quickly engage with any investor out there. It’s fantastic.”

DocSend makes fundraising easier — it helps me run a really structured process, be professional, gain the trust of investors, and in the end, secure more funding.
Maximillian Fleitmann

Maximillian Fleitmann

Founder, Wizard Ventures

Full control over documents, files, and sensitive information

25% increase in funding

With a more professional and analytical approach to fundraising, the team has secured more investment with DocSend.

Detailed analytics on investor engagement

Insights into how investors engage with fundraising documents allows Wizard Ventures to personalize investor outreach, and close deals, faster.

More time to focus on serious investors

With file versions, sharing, and distribution all managed in DocSend, Maximilian and the team have more time to identify (and focus fundraising efforts) on the serious investors.

Customizable data rooms in under 5 mins

With the ability to set up branded data rooms in under five minutes, Wizard Ventures can create professional, secure spaces that reflect each investor’s interests.

Enabling fast and personalized fundraising

Using Dropbox DocSend, Wizard Ventures was able to better understand investor preferences so outreach could be personalized to secure more funding, faster.

Fundraising is about speed and certainty, and I can increase both of these with a tool like DocSend — it's just amazing.
Maximillian Fleitmann

Maximillian Fleitmann

Founder, Wizard Ventures

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