Update and control access to your documents even after they’ve been sent.

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What types of files does DocSend support?

DocSend supports all major document and presentation filetypes. Specifically you can use DocSend to track these filetypes: PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx, .ppt), Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc), most Microsoft Excel (.xslx, .xls) files, as well as Google Slides and Google Docs. DocSend integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, so you can upload documents directly from your cloud storage provider.

Does DocSend limit file size?

DocSend supports files up to 100MB in size. Because DocSend delivers files through a web viewer and a link, rather than as a basic attachment, large files can be sent without clogging inboxes or triggering spam filters. Despite their size, files load instantly due to our advanced optimization engine. This ensures your message actually gets delivered, and vastly improves the viewing experience on mobile devices.

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