Actualités DocSend
Actualités DocSend

Présentation de la livraison express au centre‑ville, un nouveau service de l’équipe des teckels DocSend

Voici Steph Curryer, la fierté des teckels DocSend au visage d’ange, et la création de notre nouveau service de livraison au centre‑ville.
Le teckel coursier Curryer de DocSend


Featuring: The Pride of the DocSend Dachshunds, Steph Courier Curryer

A year ago today, we shocked the world when we revolutionized physical document delivery with the first ever DocSend Dachshund document delivery service.

Since launch, demand has been off the charts. Every day, our elite team of dachshunds is entrusted with thousands of critical documents across the globe. And the numbers agree. We’re incredibly proud of our industry-leading Dachshund Utilization Benchmarks (DUBs).

It hasn’t always been a smooth road.  We encountered a major roadblock when attempting to scale within urban environments. The physical reality of staircases, and dachshund biomechanics, presented a challenge that stumped even our most talented engineers.

Dachshund vs. Step

Fig. A: Dachshund vs. Step

With no technical solution in sight, it was clear that the only path forward would require a very special delivery dachshund. And like so many legendary teams before ours, when duty called, a hero emerged. Out of the pressure cooker that is metropolitan dachshund document delivery, a star was born.

Today, we’re incredibly proud to introduce The Pride of the DocSend Dachshunds, The Puppy-Faced Assassin, Steph Curryer — and the creation of our Downtown Delivery Service.