Capita considère que DocSend est la seule option viable pour le partage de fichiers sensibles

When sharing complex PDFs and pitch decks with investors and legal teams, Capita has better conversations based on granular file analytics—while keeping large legal documents out of people’s inboxes.


Ben Su has lived several lives as a medical researcher, lawyer, and now entrepreneur. In 2021, Su co-founded Capita, a SaaS platform to help founders launch, negotiate, and close capital raise deals faster and cheaper.

Su had used DocSend and other products within the Dropbox ecosystem to share sensitive documents during his time as a lawyer. He’s since expanded his use of DocSend at Capita to share confidential files with investors and prospective customers.

Le défi

In the early stages of Capita, Su needed a simple way to share a lot of sensitive information with investors and customers—pitch decks, demo videos, legal documents, and customer agreements. As a lawyer, he understood the pitfalls that come with sending PDFs as attachments: large file sizes, lack of control over dissemination, and an inability to see how recipients engage with a file once they receive it.

La solution

DocSend helped Su make real-time revisions to his messaging to investors after revealing a surprising fact—investors were typically spending only a minute and a half reviewing pitch decks, which emphasized a deeper need for concise and engaging content.

DocSend went on to become an integral part of Capita’s customer onboarding process. The company deals with many legal teams, and DocSend is the most secure way to share legal agreements, risk disclosures, and complex PDFs that would otherwise take up too much space in someone’s inbox.

Capturing investor attention: DocSend analytics deliver a surprise

During Capita’s fundraising process, DocSend analytics uncovered a critical insight: on average, investors only spent about 90 seconds reviewing their pitch decks. This surprising data point led to a significant shift in their approach to their messaging.

DocSend analytics made us realize we only have 30 seconds to grab someone's attention,” says Su. “Then we had a budget of about five to 10 seconds before investors flipped over to the next slide.
Ben Su

Ben Su

Co-Founder, Capita

Armed with this knowledge, Su realized the importance of making an immediate impact. This insight led Su to make sure their pitch deck messaging was concise and engaging right from the start.

Better customer conversations—and zero worries about legal compliance

As a startup in the investment space, Capita needed to share complex legal documents—compliance strategies, legal agreements, and risk disclosures—with customers and their lawyers. Sharing these large files through email attachments wasn’t ideal for two reasons: their size and the inability to track engagement.

Besides knowing he wasn’t clogging up his customers’ inboxes, Su was able to see which pages customers spent the most time on, which helped him predict the direction of his discussions with them.

“For example, if a customer spent a significant amount of time reviewing complex clauses or the compliance strategy,” Su says, “we knew that our conversation could dive deeper into these areas. This real-time feedback helped us structure our communication in a way that made the onboarding process smoother and more tailored to each customer’s needs.”

We’ve thought about using Google Docs, but there’s nothing out there that gives us the capabilities of DocSend. There really are no competing options.
Ben Su

Ben Su

Co-Founder, Capita

Simplicity, integration, security: Capita’s top three favorite DocSend features

When Ben Su lists his top three favorite DocSend features, he gravitates toward:

Single link data sharing: Ben Su has encountered many lawyers in his career who share a ton of large files via email—and he wants to treat his customers better than that. The elegance of single link sharing to a data room avoids the hassle of sending multiple email attachments.

Engagement analytics: Whether he’s sending investor documents or videos to customers, Su is able to see engagement down to the second. His messaging strategy has evolved much faster than it would have without the data.

Google Drive integration: Su says the simple integration with Google Drive is convenient for importing all the materials Capita creates within their Google Workspace, which is convenient for him and people receiving files.

The best features are the simplest. With DocSend you’re able to share an entire data room, filled with the most complex files, with just one link.
Ben Su

Ben Su

Co-Founder, Capita

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