Startup Fundraising Research Survey

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About our Fundraising Research

DocSend’s startup research helps founders understand the factors that go into a successful fundraise. Information about early-stage startup fundraising has historically been opaque, so we launched the DocSend Startup Index to fuel research on changing fundraising trends and investor behaviors. The DocSend Startup Index provides a unique set of data on companies at different stages and demystifies what startup fundraising looks like.

In our research, we study the fundraising processes of hundreds of startups at different stages (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A). We combine survey data with proprietary data from our software to show which startups successfully raised their rounds and why. We also give founders a deep-dive look into how pitch decks are organized and viewed.

If you’re an investor and would like to contribute to our research, you can take the vc fundraising survey here.

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