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We're building a new, data-driven way to connect quality founders to committed VCs.

For Founders

Get Warm Intros to Lead VCs

We have spent over a year digging into what makes a good pitch. We looked at millions of data points around what pitch decks lead to first meetings and to term sheets. Our research is publicly available as part of the DocSend Startup Index.

We are now putting this research to work. If you are a founder, you can use the DocSend Fundraising Network (DFN) complimentary service where we introduce top founders raising Pre-Seed or Seed rounds to top funds who can issue term sheets (i.e. lead your round).

The process to apply is really simple. Send a DocSend link to your pitch deck following the steps here, and if it meets our quality bar (based on 100k+ successful decks we’ve seen), we’ll give you a list of firms where you match their criteria. You then let us know which you want to talk with, we share a note from you with your pitch deck with them, and then we introduce you directly if there’s interest.

DocSend Fundraising Network for founders


DocSend Fundraising Network for VCs

For VCs

Get Deal Flow Vetted by DocSend

This is a deal intro service focused on quality, not quantity. Our goal is to identify the best early-stage deals and connect them to the right lead investors that can make them succeed. Based on the number of decks we’ve seen over the years, we are able to put a reasonable quality bar in place.

For founders using DocSend to raise Pre-Seed or Seed capital, we offer to intro them to potential lead investors if their pitch deck is above a quality threshold based on actual data from our research. Our average acceptance rate into the network is 20%. We then match the best founders with committed investors based on specific investment criteria and preferences. And the best part is that the whole intro process happens via email.

If you are interested in joining and getting access to these new high-quality deals as we see them through our service, please email us at [email protected] and we will follow up with more information. We are currently focused on Pre-Seed and Seed, but will soon expand to Series A.

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