The DocSend Fundraising Network for Founders

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Get Warm Intros to Committed VCs that Can Lead your Round

If you are a founder, you can submit your pitch deck to the DocSend Fundraising Network (DFN), a free service where we introduce qualified founders raising Pre-Seed or Seed rounds to top investors who can lead your funding round.

The process to apply is really simple. If you are raising pre-seed or seed, send a DocSend link to your pitch deck following the steps here, and if it meets our quality bar (based on 100k+ successful decks we’ve seen), we’ll give you a list of investors to match with. You then let us know which you want to talk with, we share a note from you with them, and then we introduce you directly if there’s interest.

DocSend Fundraising Network for founders

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Are you raising a pre-seed or seed round?

Submit your pitch deck to the DocSend Fundraising Network and get warm intros to active VCs that can lead your round.

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