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Gender Diverse Sales Teams Close More Deals & Bring in More Revenue [infographic]

Did you know that gender diversity is linked to increased sales performance? Check out this infographic to see how diversity impacts sales.
Sales Gender Diversity

At DocSend we value diversity and inclusivity among our team members. Over 50% of our team is made up of minority groups that are underrepresented in the technology sector (8 out of 14). It’s a number that we’re proud of, not just because promoting diversity is the right thing to do from a social and corporate responsibility perspective — being diverse makes us stronger as a company. If we were all coming from the same backgrounds and life experiences, we’d all propose similar ideas and approach problems in the same fashion. Diversity makes us stronger by making us different. It’s part of what makes us unique and one reason why we will continue to value diversity as we grow.

Our product supports thousands of sellers across the world. As we’ve grown and started working with more sellers, we’ve seen first-hand that the sales teams that bring in the most revenue, have the most customers and obtain the most market share are overwhelmingly diverse when it comes to gender make up. To confirm our anecdotal findings we dove deep into some data on gender and sales team performance and created this infographic:

DocSend infographic on gender diverse sales teams and how they outperform homogenous sales team.


DocSend is a sales acceleration platform for businesses, making salespeople more effective by enabling them to track, control, send, and present sales materials with real-time document analytics with crystal clear quality.


photo credit: Moyan Brenn