Notizie su DocSend
Notizie su DocSend

Crea deal room con contenuti personalizzati sfruttando gli spazi

Gli spazi sono una deal room di contenuti semplice che facilita il raggruppamento dei contenuti di vendita e la loro condivisione in un formato curato e completamente personalizzabile.
Presentazione degli spazi di DocSend

Prospects don’t shop for software by going straight to your website and signing up. They do their own research first. But, when a lead finally connects with one of your sales reps, chances are they’re still hungry for content that will guide them towards a smart purchase decision.

And it’s up to us as sellers to give it to them.

Problem is, finding and sharing sales content has never been easy. More often than not, it’s stored in different places, across teams, and in varying stages of completeness. And identifying high performing content that drives conversions through the funnel? Good luck.

At DocSend, we recognized these pain points early on. That’s why we built a sales content management and tracking solution that helps sellers and marketers find, share, and track high-performing content.

Somewhere along the way, however, we noticed something interesting: It wasn’t just individual pieces of content that sellers needed to share using a single link. It was also entire collections of content relevant to an account, theme, or stage in the buying process.

The more customer research we did, the more it became clear: Sellers need an easy way to create and share groups of related content to drive deals forward. So, we decided to give it to them.

Introducing DocSend Spaces


Build and Share Collections of Content with Sales Prospects

What does it take to close a deal these days? It turns out, a lot.

Sales cycles are longer, products are more intricate, and there are more stakeholders than ever before. Sellers now increasingly rely on content to educate prospects as they and their prospects navigate the complex path to purchase. But what’s been missing is the context for all those individual pieces of content.

And that’s exactly why we built Spaces — to give sellers an easy but powerful way to maintain context throughout the entire sales process.

At its core, Spaces is a lightweight content deal room. Sellers can add collateral to it as a deal progresses, tracking engagement at the account level the entire time, or build and share new Spaces as needs arise.

Similar to a folder, it’s easy to bundle sales documents that are frequently shared together. But unlike a folder, Spaces presents content to prospects in a branded, fully customizable format that’s easily tracked inside DocSend at the document and account levels.

Help Prospects See the Big Picture, Faster

It’s the eleventh hour and you’re about to close a huge deal. You’ve done the discovery call, the demo, and used DocSend Spaces to share relevant content to guide your target account to a purchase.

But then the unthinkable happens: Another “key” stakeholder joins the sales conversation at the last minute and wants to weigh in on the decision. Without the context she needs about your product or service, you may lose the deal, or at least the momentum behind it.

Fortunately, it’s easy to give your eleventh-hour stakeholder context by sharing your Spaces link. In just one visit, she can view all of the content you’ve shared during the sales process, in the order you specify, without wading through emails or cobbling together resources.

When prospects visit your Spaces link, they’ll see all the content you’ve shared throughout the sales process in a beautiful branded and mobile-optimized viewer.

Help Prospects See the Big Picture, Faster with Spaces for DocSend

Enable Sellers to Own the Sales Narrative

Spaces is a seller’s best friend: It’s easy to build and share collections of content around a specific narrative or theme, but you can also use it as a repository for all of the content you send to a target account.

However you use it, it’s easy to create elegant and custom Spaces without any design or technical help from other departments. With Spaces, you can customize the headline text and main image to send the right message to every prospect and every account.

And, just like all other DocSend links, all of the content you add to Spaces is tracked. You can see when, where, and how your prospects engage, and follow up with timely and personalized outreach.

Spaces allows you to toggle individual pieces of content on and off, so prospects only see what makes sense at that point in the deal cycle. You can add more content to Spaces as conversations progress, or remove content that’s irrelevant to the purchase decision.

Accelerate the Sales Process with Multiple Collaborators for Spaces (DocSend)

Accelerate the Sales Process with Multiple Collaborators

Deals are often won and lost by the entire organization, not just by the individual account executive. You might have a Customer Success Manager step in to describe the onboarding process or an Implementation Engineer demo your product’s technical specs.

In the past, all of these conversations would result in multiple email threads with various stakeholders at your target account. And it would be impossible to track who had been sent what, when, or by whom.

With Spaces, you can invite team members from across your organization to contribute to a single shared collection of content. Spaces makes it easy for everyone involved in the deal to stay on the same page.

Collaborators you invite to shared Spaces will have permission to view, add, and remove content. They’ll also receive real-time visit notifications in their inbox, so they can stay up-to-date on the deal’s progress.

Accelerate the Sales Process with Multiple Collaborators for Spaces (DocSend)

Want Spaces Right Now?

Spaces is available now on DocSend Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. If you don’t have an account on one of those plans and want to use Spaces, now’s the time to upgrade.

Request a demo of Spaces today, or give us a call at (888) 258-5951.