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Announcing DocSend for Outlook

The new DocSend Outlook add-in enables you to create DocSend links right from your inbox and makes tracking your content as easy as uploading an attachment.
DocSend for Outlook


Create DocSend links right from Outlook

When it comes to sending documents, email attachments are a lot like snail mail. You take some time finding just the right thing to send, you fire it off… and then… well, that’s it. You have no idea if it was read, shared, or unceremoniously relegated to the recycling bin.

DocSend changes all that by giving you real insight into how people are engaging with the documents you send. And we want to make it even easier for you to make DocSend a part of your workflow. Earlier this year, we launched a Chrome Extension that enables you to easily create and send DocSend links from Gmail, LinkedIn, or anywhere on the web. We also integrated with IFTTT and Zapier, so you can put DocSend insights to work for you no matter what tools you use.

Now, we’re excited to announce DocSend for Outlook. The DocSend Outlook add-in enables you to create DocSend links right when you’re composing an email. Tracking and controlling your documents is now as easy as attaching a file.

The DocSend Outlook add-in supports Outlook 2013 on Windows 7 and up. Click here to download it.

All your documents, just a click away

The DocSend Outlook add-in adds a DocSend section to the ribbon of the compose window that gives you quick access to all your documents. Search for the document you want to include, choose your tracking and access settings, click Insert Link. Done.

We’ll even create an attachment chip that looks just like a native attachment, so your documents will get the attention they deserve. Check it out:

DocSend for Outlook

We’re always working on new ways make your DocSend workflow more efficient. Have an idea for a feature that would help you work faster? Let us know!