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Export Your Data, and Have It Your Way

Now, you can easily export your visit data for content in your library. Analyze content usage, prospect engagement, funnel performance, and more with custom reporting.
DocSend analytics

We’ve always endeavored to provide a beautiful, easy-to-use reporting interface in DocSend. But sometimes you just want to look at raw data, laid out on a spreadsheet. Layer in some colors with conditional formatting, filter, sort, pivot. We know — we like this stuff, too ?

Now, users on DocSend Team and DocSend Enterprise can grab a CSV export of the visit data for any document and do just that. You’ll find the “Export” button in the disclosure menu at the top right of each document.

The data export will contain these measures for every document visit:

  • When the visit occurred (UTC Timestamp)
  • How long the visit lasted (H:MM:SS)
  • How much of the document was read (Completion percentage)
  • Any information collected about the visitor (Name, Email, etc.)
  • What version of the document was read

Exporting your data gives you total flexibility. Here are just a few great things you can do:

  • Create custom reports on document performance by version (we already provide a graphical way to see this data in the Performance tab)
  • Break out document performance by link owner or time (Managers are able to see all visits in exports to team documents whereas Members will see just their own visits)
  • Build a list of all available email addresses for your document’s visitors

We’re excited to get this in your hands! Not on the DocSend Team or Enterprise plan? Check out all the plan details here.