Nieuws over DocSend

Productupdate: nieuwe plannen, verbeteringen aan ruimten, beveiligingsontwikkelingen en meer!

We hebben een druk najaar gehad hier bij DocSend!

We hebben een druk najaar gehad hier bij DocSend!

From the introduction of two new plans and the addition of highly-requested Spaces features to important file security developments and new supported file types, we’re better equipped than ever to help you send, present, and track the files and documents that matter to you.

Read on for a more in-depth look at these improvements!

Announcing our Standard and Advanced plans!

With our Standard and Advanced plans, you can take file sharing and tracking to the next level.

DocSend’s Standard plan provides access to Internal Links and enables you to optimize the presentation and storage of related files with Spaces. In addition to Internal Links and Spaces, DocSend’s Advanced plan provides our highest level of document security—more on that later. Click here to learn more about these and other DocSend plans.

Spaces Enhancements: Even more to love

Users on our Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans will benefit from robust new features, including customizing spaces, predictive search Spaces, inserting content notes in Spaces, duplicating Spaces, and more.

Interested in learning more about how you can use Spaces to better organize, manage, and share documents? Click here.

Sharing confidential materials? Don’t sweat it.

Negotiating contracts? Completing due diligence? Sharing sensitive data? All of these are already challenging enough, without having to worry about security, tracking, or analytics.

With DocSend’s Finance plan, you can now securely share business-critical documents with viewer whitelisting, viewer verification, and dynamic document watermarking. No more sending confidential documents to stakeholders and hoping for the best—they’re your files and documents, and you deserve to be in the control!

Full Support: Content Recommendation & All File Types!

Our recent recommended content offering allows all users in the same company account to view and utilize content more effectively by seeing which uploads have the most activity and engagement. Recommendations span recently used files and documents, as well as most engaging and recently added files and documents (for Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans), and can be employed across the web app, the Chrome extension, and the Outlook extension. Click here to learn more.

Furthermore, we’re pleased to extend our download-only file support to videos, audio files, images, text files, archive files, and spreadsheets. (We even support gifs!) For details, click here.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings! Got a question, or some feedback for us? Drop us a line at [email protected].