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Przedstawiamy wizytówki w dokumentach

Teraz możesz umieścić swoje zdjęcie i informacje kontaktowe w przeglądarce dokumentów, ułatwiając potencjalnym klientom kontakt.
Wizytówki w dokumentach DocSend

Deals happen when two businesses enter an agreement, but they’re built upon relationships that are forged by people. Because of this, every opportunity to make a personal connection is an opportunity to increase your likelihood of getting a deal done.

It’s hard for your personality to stay present when your prospect is poring over a sales document, so we wanted to provide a way to add a more personal touch to your communication. We’re excited to announce that you can now place contact cards with a photo and contact information in the document viewer to keep your winning smile front and center.

Check it out:

Document Contact Cards

Build Trust

Context helps build trust. Showing a profile picture, and giving visitors quick access to your LinkedIn profile helps them get to know you better and keeps the rapport you’ve worked to build with them top of mind.

Stay Connected

Contact cards also make it easier than ever for your visitors to get in touch with you — no hunting through email for your phone number or email address.

Fully Customizable

Contact cards are fully customizable, and can even be turned off completely. Outfit them with your name and any combination of:

  • A profile picture
  • A tagline (e.g. your title, role, company)
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
  • Your LinkedIn profile

You can configure this today in the account settings page.

Have another way you’d like to personalize the document viewing experience in DocSend?Just let us know or post below in the comments!