The end-to-end file sharing platform for agencies

Streamline client communication, turbocharge your sales efforts, and protect your pitch.

Get the most out of your creative portfolio

See who engages with your shared documents so you can find and close new clients faster. Tailor your next client meeting to what they want to talk about by understanding where they spend the most time in your shared documents.


A better way to work with clients

Create secure client portals containing all documents related to your current project, making it easier for everyone to access and keep track of everything that’s been shared. Include a banner image and your client’s logo in each Space for that extra touch of professionalism.

Keep your intellectual property safe after the pitch

Make sure your creative ideas are always protected, even after they’ve been shared. Limit file access to a list of trusted email addresses and easily add a watermark to your files to prevent unwanted dissemination.

Why we launched the DocSend external collaborators model

Easily set up and manage multiple DocSend accounts, enabling frictionless collaboration with external partners.

Get the DocSend Edge and Share Securely