Ensure your documents are being sent securely

Protect yourself from the risks that come with your day-to-day tasks.

Control your sensitive information

Whether you’re sharing financial models, revenue forecasts, or employee information, having confidence in the security of your files is important. With DocSend, you can enable security parameters to keep each file safe and control who has access in real-time.

Eliminate the risk of email attachments

Say goodbye to clunky email attachments and hello to secure document sharing with DocSend links. Share multiple links in seconds and provide stakeholders with a controlled viewing experience that minimizes the risk of improper access to sensitive information.

Mike Dinsdale Gusto CFO

We’ve been using DocSend for several different use cases, from board meetings to investor relations and due diligence. We’ve even raised capital through DocSend, essentially using it as a data room. It is an efficient way to organize and share content with control.”

Mike Dinsdale Gusto CFO

Mike Dinsdale

CFO, Gusto

Modern virtual data rooms in seconds

Create lightweight data rooms in seconds, each with custom security settings. Responsible for investor updates? Easily manage and update a DocSend data room that your investors can access at any time.

No log-in? No problem

Give your external partners one less username and password to remember by sharing info with DocSend. Enjoy the same document security as a virtual data room with significantly less viewer management.

Sandi Lin CEO Skilljar

DocSend has been a great resource for Skilljar to manage access to information security documents such as our annual SOC2 report. The easy application of unique URLs, passwords, and link expiration dates as well as instant reporting when a link has been accessed helps us control which parties have access to our information.”

Sandi Lin CEO Skilljar

Sandi Lin

CEO & Co-Founder, Skilljar

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