A single place for you and your clients to collaborate

Streamline client communication and manage all project materials in one place.

Get the most out of your documents

See who engages with your shared documents so you can find and close new clients faster. Tailor your next client meeting to what they want to talk about by understanding where they spend the most time in your shared documents.

venture capitalist use spaces as virtual data room

Streamline document sharing

Simplify client communication with Spaces. Create a single source of truth for all documents related to your current project, making it easier for your clients to access and view everything you’ve shared. Brand each Space with a banner image and your client’s logo for a professional and tailored look.

Document & contract management in one place

Create and share signable documents with ease and drive urgency with contract expiration dates. Sharing sensitive client information? Embed your NDA in the document viewing process so that a viewer must agree to your NDA before viewing a document or Space.

Accelerate high-stakes deals with DocSend’s One-Click NDA

If you’re an investment banker in the M&A business, you already know just how severely time can kill a deal. So why waste precious time with the legacy NDA signature process?

Get the DocSend Edge and Deal Intelligently