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Fundraise the smart way

Accelerate your fundraising process with DocSend’s powerful document analytics and be more efficient with your time. Get notified each time a potential investor opens your pitch deck and focus on the VCs who show the most interest in your company.

Stay in control of your pitch

Make DocSend part of your smart fundraising process. Share your fundraising pitch deck as a secure DocSend link so you never lose control of it. Add a passcode and email verification to ensure only the right recipients have access to your deck. You will also get notified in real-time if your deck gets forwarded. 

Startup founder Sahil Mansuri, Bravado

DocSend is a GodSend when it comes to fundraising. You can send trackable versions of pitch decks, see which firms are engaging & sharing, and know exactly who is truly interested. If you’re a founder and looking to fundraise, you’d be crazy not to use DocSend.”

Startup founder Sahil Mansuri, Bravado

Sahil Mansuri

CEO and Co-founder, Bravado

Update even after sending

Making changes to your pitch deck is part of the fundraising process. Whether it’s fixing a typo or sharing a whole new version of your pitch deck, there’s no need to waste time sending out notifications. And the last thing you want to do is create version confusion with your potential investors. When you update your deck, every link you’ve shared will now go to the new version. Whether you update once a month or four times a day, everyone will have the newest version. 

Post-raise: Manage your comms

You can now leverage the same DocSend platform you used for your fundraising to manage your Board and investor relations. Want to save time and make your next fundraise as painless as possible? Send out regular investor updates to your key contacts to keep them excited about your company.

venture capitalists and investors

With DocSend, you can see what information is being consumed and where people spend their time on your decks. We recommend DocSend to all our startups and we use it ourselves.”

venture capitalists and investors

Andrew J Scott

Founding Partner, 7percent Ventures

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