Close Enterprise Deals Remotely

Sales leaders can identify, prioritize and convert opportunities faster than ever.

Sales engagement intelligence

Receive notifications and analytics each time someone views your shared links and watch how they engage with every page of your sales materials in real time. Prioritize your follow-ups by focusing only on contacts who have engaged and are interested.

All your sales collateral in one place

With DocSend Spaces you can create a personalized experience for your prospects that spans the whole sales process and all stakeholders. Align marketing and sales resources and assets with granular analytics on prospect engagement.

Daniel Sincavagechief sales officer, sales enablement leader

By getting all our sales materials in one place, our sales reps now spend 40% less time searching for the right content.”

Daniel Sincavagechief sales officer, sales enablement leader

Dan Sincavage

CSO, Tenfold

No log-in? No problem!

There is no need for your prospects to have a DocSend account to view your sales materials. Minimize friction in your sales process and enjoy the same control, security, and tracking with significantly less viewer management.

Update even after hitting send

Need to fix a typo or share a new version of your sales deck? Avoid confusion with your prospects. Easily update your deck once, and all your shared links of that deck will be automatically updated as well.

tracking an analytics case study, sales enablement manager

It’s extremely helpful to know that clients are looking at a proposal for a second or third time right before a call. This is a great way to monitor interest from your clients and know specifically which areas of the proposal they spend the most time.“

tracking an analytics case study, sales enablement manager

Linda Dowdall

Sales Enablement Marketing Manager, Ascend Learning

The 6 sales content benchmarks every business needs

Learn which KPIs your sales team should be tracking, which content is most likely to convert, and how to use content to maintain lead velocity.

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