Fundraising and LP reporting for VCs all on one platform

3 in 10 VC firms are raising their funds on DocSend.

Accelerate your VC fundraising efforts

Streamline your fundraising process with DocSend’s powerful document analytics and be more efficient with your time. Venture capitalists can get notified each time a potential LP opens your pitch deck and focus on the investors who seem the most interested in partnering.


Strengthen limited partner relationships

We know venture capitalists spend a lot of time on LP updates. They can be laborious, but keeping them up to date can lead to lasting partnerships and an easier fundraising process. Make it easy for your LPs to access all the info they need to make an investment, whenever they need it by sharing a DocSend Space.

venture capitalists and investors

With DocSend, you can see what information is being consumed and where people spend their time on your decks. We recommend DocSend to all our startups and we use it ourselves.”

venture capitalists and investors

Andrew J Scott

Founding Partner, 7percent Ventures

No log-in? No problem!

No VC or LP needs another set of credentials to remember. Give your external partners one less username & password to remember by sharing info with DocSend. Enjoy the same document security as a virtual data room with significantly less viewer management.

venture capitalist use spaces as virtual data room

Modern data rooms for modern VCs

Most data rooms aren’t set up with a venture capitalist’s needs in mind. Traditional virtual data rooms are cumbersome to use and expensive to set up. You now have access to modern data room functionality on the same DocSend platform you’re already using. Leverage DocSend Spaces to streamline your data sourcing and due diligence process.

Ben Choi invests in venture capitalists

We invest in VCs, and when VCs use DocSend to share documents with us, it’s simple and easy.”

Ben Choi invests in venture capitalists

Ben Choi

Managing Director, Legacy Venture

Looking Behind the Curtain: How VCs Raise their Early Funds

Find out how early-stage VC fundraising can still be a lengthy affair with varying rates of efficiency and what metrics matter as you reach out to LPs.

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