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Want To Recruit More A-Players? Start Recognizing Your Current A-Players Now.

Every sales leader wants to hire the best talent, but that’s easy to say and hard to do. Business is a battleground for talent. Unless you are creating a positive and engaging experience for your team, they’re going to move on. The brutal truth is that most sales leaders are not finding the best and don’t have the resources or capabilities to attract or retain them. According to research from OfficeVibe:

75% of employers are struggling to recruit the top talent they need79% of employers believe they have a significant retention and engagement problem83% of employers feel they don't have compelling and engaging employment brand

This is especially true when hiring for sales. A study from Ken Krogue and the team found that hiring for sales was the 2nd biggest challenge for sales leaders in 2015:

hiring is the second biggest challenge for sales managers

What’s even scarier: one out of five employers is doing nothing to change their hiring woes from a strategic standpoint according to a study from Manpower Group.

employers are not changin

We’ve heard a lot of tips on how to hire, retain and grow your sales team, but one of the most actionable tips we’ve ever heard came from Ralph Barsi at the Digital Growth Conference in SF last month. Ralph is a mastermind at hiring and building up sales teams and currently runs the Global Demand Center for ServiceNow.

Biggest take away from the talk: Don’t just recognize your team’s success internally, make it known to your team’s network on social media as well.

Here’s why: 75% of employed professionals are currently looking for new work. When your reps connections on social media see how great of a sales culture you’re fostering, with fun outings, high commissions, and a team of peers that don’t just enjoy working at your company, but thrive there — they’ll remember it when they are looking for the next great place to hang their hat.

Here’s how: Barsi recommends that leaders snap pictures when you’re out celebrating or having an outing with the team. When you go to post those pictures on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. instead of just posting the pic and letting your followers know how proud you are of your team — individually tag the top performers that helped you reach your goals and call them out for being valuable assets that are growing the company. This way, instead of only your followers seeing the post — your reps’ LinkedIn connections, followers and friends will see the type of culture you are fostering.

So post updates like this:

a team update that calls out everyone for their great work individually.

Not like this:

Welcome____LinkedIn 2


Want more great tips about building a fantastic sales culture at your company? Check out this free ebook on modern sales hiring on Ralph Barsi’s blog and follow him on Twitter.