Introducing Document Notes: A new way to stay organized

Spend less time searching for content and more time selling with Document Notes for DocSend - a quick way to put every document in context.
Introducing DocSend document notes

Spend less time finding collateral and more time selling.

We’ve all been there. You’re on the edge of closing a deal and you know that one case study you made six months ago will get you to the finish line and rightfully elevate your office status from get-me-a-coffee-new-guy to Level 62 Sales Wizard.

But where is it? Time to spend the better part of your morning winding through the labyrinth that is your My Documents folder, opening hundreds of PDFs with convenient titles like 20150701_CSOverview_BG_Edit – FINAL.

These situations seem like one-off inconveniences, but they add up to serious productivity loss over time. We want to help give you that time back.

We’re thrilled to announce Document Notes – a new way to stay organized and keep the files you need just a search away.

Document Notes let you add a fully searchable text description to any of your documents. Emojis are even supported so you can delight your team with pixelated pizza slices ? and monkeys covering their eyes ?. (We know…totes adorbs.)

Here’s a quick tour:

Doc notes_large

While simple in concept, Document Notes can be a powerful time saver. Here are just a few ideas on how you can use notes to help your team:

Stay organized and find anything

Since Document Notes are searchable, they can function as a lightweight tagging system. Try adding client names, deal IDs, use cases, or any other labels you might want to attach to your documents in the notes field. You can then search against those terms to see everything in one place.

Simplify new hire onboarding

Leave a description to help new employees understand how and when a document should be used. You can call out which case studies are most useful for prospecting, and which documents should be reserved for post-sale communication. A little added context can go a long way.

The possibilities are endless. We’re excited to see how else you’ll put Document Notes to work for you. Have an idea for another feature that would save you time? Let us know!