Ligger steget före kundbortfallet genom att effektivt identifiera riskklienter

Att identifiera riskklienter är viktigare nu än någonsin förr, men att göra detta effektivt är inte alltid så lätt. Tack och lov kan vi hjälpa till.
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Keeping clients interested and involved with your product or service can be difficult. It’s up to Account Managers and Customer Success professionals to bring value to customers to keep them engaged. But in the current climate clients are looking to cut non-essential costs. So it’s more important than ever to be able to identify at-risk accounts so you can take action, remind them of your value and save them from churning.

Identifying at-risk accounts is no small task. Quarterly reviews with a client can be misleading as it’s easy for the decision-maker to not know the full story if they aren’t the end-user. It’s possible those using the product may be discouraged and these frustrations may only reveal themselves at the time of renewal. And while product usage can be a leading indicator, sometimes this can be wrong as well. At DocSend, we found that product usage increases with at-risk accounts because they are spending time disabling links and transferring their files to a different storage provider.

There is an indicator that stays fairly constant throughout the lifespan of an engaged client – collateral engagement. A client who leverages your supporting resources to enable their users and onboard new employees is likely in good standing. An at-risk client will show low engagement with your supporting resources, likely due to frustration with the product. This early-warning sign allows you to step in to provide more support and offer more training. But how can Account and Customer Success Managers access the necessary types of analytics to help them prevent churn?

DocSend Spaces & Document Analytics

DocSend Spaces is a tool to keep all supporting resources in an easy to access portal for clients. This is not only handy during onboarding but can be used for future enablement for new product releases. Spaces give the client everything they need right at their fingertips and increases the likelihood that they fully adopt the product.

Spaces paired with our document analytics provides a way to track how each client is engaging with shared resources. Access high-level data like how many times a document has been opened and downloaded. Or get granular and see how much time is being spent per page and where readers tend to drop-off. Not only are you able to track the increase or decrease of engagement with your Space but you can also identify ways to improve your content and provide even more value.

Analytics like these also better prepare you for client calls with the decision-maker. It may be daunting to tell your client that you have a hunch that there is some frustration from the team using the product. But this transparency has an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. Your client wants a positive ROI from their investment as much as you do so coming up with a plan to turn things around can make a lasting impact.

While indicators of churn can come in many forms, receiving insights into what’s going on with your clients can be a game-changer. Acting fast and being transparent can turn a frustrated client into a long-lasting partnership. If you’re interested in seeing how DocSend can help your team, click here to sign up for a free trial.