Så använder du DocSend för att bygga bättre kundrelationer

Här är fyra sätt som hjälper dig att använda DocSend för att sätta dina kunder i fokus i varje samtal. 

The key to any successful business is the ability to build strong client relationships—the benefits of which are two-fold. Companies with a loyal client base report better business outcomes, higher recurring revenues (and new client referrals!), and more positive brand reputations. Likewise, their clients save time, money, and unwanted stress by partnering with someone they trust to deliver proven results. 

Suffice to say, strong client relationships aren’t built in a day. Creating meaningful, sustainable connections with clients takes both time and effort before you can effectively gain—then maintain—their loyalty and trust. This is precisely where a tool like DocSend helps your communication and collaboration shine across every touchpoint. 

#1: Keep stakeholders on the same page in the same space

Effective client communication is equal parts consistency and ease. Your clients need regular touchpoints and updates alongside fast, easy access to project documents and materials. Virtual data rooms (VDR) in DocSend eliminate the complexities of ongoing collaboration across multiple disconnected tools, giving your clients a single point of navigation for important documents and files. Even better, they can view and access their VDR from any device using a single custom link, removing the burden of downloading another piece of customer software. (Not to mention, the productivity gains from hassle-free workflows like these!)

Likewise, DocSend keeps stakeholders on the same page, in the same space, by alerting them whenever documents are changed or updated. This makes version control a challenge of the past, ensuring everyone, everywhere, is always working off the most updated version. Content updates, such as fixing a typo or adding details to a project brief, are swift and seamless with changes automatically flowing across all shared links. 

#2: Show thoughtfulness and care with personalized touches

While no two clients are exactly alike, one thing they all share is this: They want their business to be important to you. They need to know you understand their brand and business goals. Tailoring different pieces of collateral around what they want to accomplish, and any unique business needs, can help you gain their confidence more quickly. Likewise, going the extra mile with personalized touches and custom branding helps show and reinforce how much you value their relationship. 

Depending on project scope, tailored content can take many forms, all of which are easily managed within DocSend. For example, customizing an add-on proposal or adapting marketing collateral to their business model can be directly updating in their space at any time. Once added or updated, the client is immediately notified of newly added content and updated documents. In a similar way, tailoring their client portal with custom headers and thumbnail images that represent their brand is another thoughtful way to add personalized touches. 

#3: Establish trust by giving your clients greater peace of mind

Building trust with clients hinges on your ability to instill confidence that the proprietary business intelligence and confidential information they share with you remains protected at all times. Secure, safeguarded information is the very foundation DocSend was built on, eliminating the risks and vulnerabilities of sharing sensitive materials over emails and attachments. 

Passcode-protected links, watermarks, NDA and email verifications, restrictions, and expiration dates give you granular control over who can access privileged documents. 

With this assurance and safety, your clients gain greater peace of mind while you focus on helping them achieve their project goals.

#4: Proactively tackle unspoken client needs and conversations

Staying in tune with client expectations is anything but easy. Some folks have no qualms asking clarifying questions on, say, a new project proposal, but others are less prone to speak up or raise concerns. This can make it tough to determine when (and how!) to follow up in the most proactive, productive manner. Dynamic dashboards and rich analytics in DocSend can help you follow up on unclear client signals at the right times. With visibility into who engages with your content and how, you can see what pages clients spend the most time on and whether they share it with others in their organization. By uncovering critical insights into their most- and least-viewed pages, along with any points of drop off, you gain a data-driven blueprint for proactive follow-up conversations. 

For example, say your client spent nearly 80 percent of the time reviewing a proof of concept (POC) pricing page before dropping off with no return. This may signal a timely opportunity to check in to talk through any pricing questions or to send over supporting materials.

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