Bringing Videos to Life in DocSend

You can leverage the power of video as a selling tool within DocSend documents and prioritize the right leads for follow-up, giving you back hours in your day.
DocSend video support

Telling a great story is the key to selling effectively. And every story needs a medium through which to be told. In the world of modern sales, when you’re not face to face or on the phone, that medium is often an email, or a supporting document. Sometimes though, video is exactly the right tool to bring your story to life.

Video is an incredibly powerful storytelling tool that’s being leveraged by more and more high performing sales teams. hat operate remotely. In fact, our research shows that over 40% of sales people say their sales cycles are hybrid and more than 55% of sales teams believe that hybrid sales cycles are here to stay. Even more, video drives 56% higher proposal engagement and helps close your deal 26% faster (Proposify, 2022). Asynchronous video selling is here to stay in this sales environment.

You can leverage the power of video as a selling tool within DocSend documents and prioritize the right leads for follow-up, giving you back hours in your day. With DocSend’s video analytics, users access the capability to know which leads to prioritize, saving countless hours. DocSend lets users upload, share, and analyze client-facing videos, proposals, contracts, and more, all in one platform. Videos can easily be guarded by agreements and NDAs, adding more security over confidential pricing mentioned in videos. 

Understand prospect engagement and strategize timely follow-up

Forecasting your pipeline requires more intel than just tracking views on a video. To get a better gauge on whether or not a deal is likely to close, you have to see the fine details of how prospects are engaging with your videos. DocSend showcases the sections of your videos that are watched repeatedly, as well as common drop-off points. You can also track playback time per visit, user information, and in-depth playback details including pauses and skipped sections during each visit. These details can make all the difference when sending the properly timed follow-up emails and offer additional information that can cross the deal over the finish line. 

Close quicker deals with video

In a remote selling environment, finding the right time for all parties to meet can be a huge barrier to closing deals. Instead of trying to fit into someone’s packed schedule, you can instead record short video voice-overs directly in DocSend. Prospects can view your pitch on their own schedule and follow-up when the timing is right for them. And, you can walk into future follow-up meetings with the context already set in place with asynchronous videos. Replace the back-and-forth mess of scheduling an initial conversation with a personalized video.   

Consolidate and scale prospect outreach

The secret to becoming an all-star seller is to maximize your time in the day. Initial discovery calls can often be tedious when you are routinely scheduling meetings with uninterested parties. With DocSend, you can send one video out to multiple parties. Moreover, you can access individualized prospect videos in one centralized client portal. That way, you can more easily find videos, while prospects can access a rich knowledge base on their own time. Armed with the x-ray vision of DocSend’s advanced video analytics, you can gather viewer engagement metrics to improve the performance of future videos. 

Remote video presentation made easy

You can also share videos embedded in your presentation decks with DocSend’s Live Present.

You have total control as the presenter. If you click a link on a video while presenting, the video will play for both you and the viewer. Jump to a specific point in the video, and everybody connected to the presentation will jump to that point too.

You’ll even see how many people are currently viewing the video, and how many have finished watching. This way you’ll know you’ve conveyed your message before moving on to the next slide, without any back and forth.