Secure fund reporting and raising for finance pros

Find new investors and update LPs all in one place.

Create the data room your investors will love

Create a lightweight, branded data room with Spaces to store and share fund performance and updates in a single place. Unlike other virtual data rooms, your investors will not be asked to create an account to access your shared documents.

Identify new LPs and fundraise efficiently

Looking for new investors? Share your fund information through DocSend and know what potential investors interested in by seeing how long they spend on each page in your documents.

investor relations quote

DocSend has been a great tool for sharing our investment memos, fundraising decks, and data room documents. We can track who has viewed each file which allows us to better gauge interest and understand potential partners.”

investor relations quote

Kelly Perdew

Co-founder & Managing General Partner, Moonshots Capital

Stay in control of all your shared fund documents

Share fund information with confidence knowing that you can always turn off access to documents at any time or set expirations. Embed a watermark on each page of a document to protect your sensitive information from unwanted dissemination.

How first-time funds can attract stellar LP investments

Learn the the ins & outs of how to secure LP investments.

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