Congrats on your raise! What now?

Post-Fundraising Resource Kit

Learn how you can continue to use DocSend to manage your investor relationships and Board updates.

Sales Engagement

There’s only one main reason for any company to fundraise, and that’s to fuel growth. Now it’s time to focus on your sales pipeline and bring in that revenue. But enterprise selling remotely is not easy. Similarly to your fundraising, DocSend can be your secret weapon allowing you to quickly focus on the right leads, discover all stakeholders involved in your deal, and follow up with each one of them with relevancy and timeliness.

Investor Updates

Did you choose your investors well? If you did, you’ll have a group of engaged angels and VCs who expect regular updates about how your company is doing (and how you’re spending all that money). Keep them informed with regular updates using DocSend. You can see how each investor interacts with your investor memo, which can help you know who to ask when you need feedback.

Board Management

Whether you created a board of directors for the first time, or you simply added a board seat during your most recent round, managing your board is key part of the CEO’s role. Here you can find resources on everything from how to run your board meeting with confidence, to creating an engaging board pack, to a board meeting minutes template.


Odds are, your newly funded company is probably going to need a lawyer. Whether it’s preparing NDAs or working with vendor contracts, you’re going to want to keep those documents secure. With eSignature and One-Click NDA you can streamline your legal process (and save on billable hours).

Finance & Accounting

Startup CFOs do more than prepare for the next fundraising round. They can drive growth, manage your back office, and work with your accounting team. That’s a lot for one person to manage. Worrying about file security shouldn’t be on their to do list. DocSend lets them send secure information with confidence.

Employee Benefits & Payroll

The good news about getting funding is that now you can afford more employees. Make sure you’re keeping all their information secure by using DocSend to share sensitive documents and files. If you’re looking for some specific recommendations for payroll providers and employee benefits, check our 14-point checklist.

Continuing Fundraising

Your main job as a CEO is to ensure your company has enough working capital to keep your company running. While the average pre-seed raise takes 16+ weeks, a seed round takes 12 weeks. That means it’s never too soon to start prepping for your next cap raise.

Using DocSend Spaces for investor updates

Smart founders leverage DocSend past fundraising to drive business outcomes. They start by building a personalized DocSend Space to deepen relations with their investors and Board members.

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