The smart way to share research reports

Share large reports, control access and track what pages people find most interesting.

Control access to your report

Protect your research from unwanted dissemination with DocSend. Add a passcode, remove the ability to download or limit access to a list of trusted email addresses or domains. Turn off access to your report at any time, even after it has been shared.

Understand your audience's interests

Watch as people read through your research to identify what findings they spend the most time on learning about. Leverage DocSend’s analytics to inform the topics of follow-up reports and help pinpoint your next target audience.

DocSend has been an amazing platform when it comes to understanding the effectiveness of the research documentation our business development team shares with prospective clients. DocSend's page-by-page analytics helps us score and identify high-value targets, which in turn helps the team spend time where it matters most."

Naman Shah

Co-founder & President, Sentieo

Update even after sending

Interested in adding new findings to your report or making some quick edits? No problem. Once you update your report on DocSend, all corresponding links will automatically update to reflect the new version.

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