Relationships are the bedrock of dealmaking, and the heart of any relationship is communication. Yet, as communication technology has evolved, we've traded intimacy for convenience at every turn. It's never been easier to send a message, but it's never been harder to be heard.

We're here to bring the intimacy of face-to-face conversation to digital communication. We believe that communicating more easily doesn't have to result in a loss in meaning, transparency, or continuity. We believe that through technology we can unlock the potential to connect more deeply than ever.

DocSend powers business communication for dealmakers at thousands of companies. We invite you to join the next step in communication.

Meet our team

Russ Heddleston

CEO & Co-Founder

Tony Cassanego

CTO & Co-Founder

Dave Koslow

COO & Co-Founder

Justine DiPrete

Senior Product Manager

Frances Le

Engineering Lead

Bryan Gaertner

Director of Marketing & Business Operations

Matt Agra

Senior Software Engineer

Ryan O'Connor

Director of Sales

Kenneth Chan

Staff Software Engineer

John-Henry Scherck

Growth Marketing Manager

Sid Kumaran

Account Executive

Sophie Geaney

People Operations

Dom Matteucci

Account Executive

Shuka Alaee

Account Manager

Weishen Mead

Senior Software Engineer

Ego Faylona

Design Lead

Tejas Mandke

Senior Software Engineer

Isis Dillard

Business Development Representative

Rosita Wong

Software Engineer

Sonja Jacob

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Here at DocSend we value feedback from our users. We’re on a constant mission to improve DocSend, so if you have any feedback or suggestions on how you think we can improve, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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