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We surveyed over 300 sales professionals using DocSend across an assortment of industries to learn how the enterprise sales cycles may compare. After focusing on our top four industries, we uncovered just how many stakeholders, touchpoints, and documents it takes, on average, to close a deal. Not only that, we know average contract sizes and how average close-rates differ by industry.
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I do not think I have ever closed a deal without DocSend (since I started working with it). Frankly, it’s like cheating. I can see what my “target” has looked at and when, and also see if they sent it to others. I can’t think of a single tool that I have to work with that is of more value than DocSend.”

Paul Steinberg

Regional Vice President Northeast, HALO Branded Solutions


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Uncover the real decision maker

Receive prospect insights beyond the email and link open. See opens and engages with your sales collateral and when. Know when and to whom it’s forwarded to so that you can identify who the real decision-maker is.

Identify stakeholder interests

Each time someone opens your DocSend link you will be able to watch how long they spend on each slide of your pitch deck or pricing proposal. This information informs your follow-up strategy allowing you to address hidden interests or questions before speaking with your prospect.

An easier way to share collateral

Create client-specific portals to store all documents and collateral related a deal with Spaces. Spaces improve the ability for multiple users to collaborate internally while also providing prospects with a single-source of truth making company and product information more easily accessible.

If a prospect spends 30-seconds on our customer logo page, we assume that they were looking for competitors or like companies and as a result, they’re interested in seeing relevant customer stories next.”

Brett Chester

VP of Marketing, Sitetracker

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