InMobi 透過 DocSend 擴展以資料為本的個人化銷售作法

最初只是與潛在客戶進行銷售通話時展示 GIF 的工具,如今已成為 InMobi 銷售及銷售支援團隊的祕密武器。

InMobi 利用自身的技術平台及獨家行動智慧解決方案,推動品牌與消費者之間的緊密連結。他們以 Unified Marketing Cloud 為品牌開闢新途徑,協助客戶瞭解、辨識、吸引及獲取緊密連結的消費者。身為頂尖的技術公司,InMobi 在 2019 年獲選為 CNBC「顛覆者 50 強」(Disruptor 50) 之一,也是 2018 年《快公司》「全球最創新企業」(Most Innovative Companies) 的一員。放心將廣告交給 InMobi 處理的品牌,包括了麥當勞、萊雅、LG、家樂氏和萬事達卡。如需詳細資訊,請造訪

像 InMobi 這樣步調緊湊且成長快速的公司,銷售支援的作業速度也得快如旋風。在團隊發現 DocSend 能重建並簡化 InMobi 的銷售支援做法之前,他們首先使用 DocSend 來解決眼前的難題:在銷售通話時即時呈現多媒體檔案 (例如:GIF)。

InMobi 團隊的舊版文件管理系統無法顯示 GIF,只能顯示靜止不動的影像。不過,有了 DocSend 後,團隊就能輕鬆地使用 GIF 來說明廣告範例的方向與歷程。

Once the team tried DocSend, however, they were quickly impressed by the intuitiveness of the tool and the ease of document upload (from desktop, Google Drive, or Dropbox). Soon, it was clear to the team: DocSend could and should play a more significant role in their sales enablement operations.

Seamless, Customized Deal Rooms with a Single Click

Using DocSend Spaces, the InMobi sales team has built a series of customized deal rooms to roll out the red carpet for prospects while also keeping sales collateral more organized and streamlined than ever before. Specifically, a member of InMobi’s sales team can duplicate an existing Space and adjust collateral accordingly, adding or removing sales assets as needed. Then, he or she can simply customize the Space to the prospect and its brand, and wrap up the entire deal room into a single account-based link.

用 DocSend 協作區分享我們自訂的交易資料室,讓我們的工作團隊看起來專業無比,而且簡化了原本常讓人倍感壓力又繁瑣的資訊交流過程。
Julio Acosta

Julio Acosta

InMobi 銷售參與部門主管

Establishing an Easily-Accessible, Team-Wide Single Source of Truth

For the sales and sales enablement teams at InMobi, the rule is simple: The final version of any piece of sales collateral resides in DocSend. Before they discovered DocSend, both teams struggled to distinguish the final, shareable version of a sales asset from every other version of that asset. Acosta says, “Controlling versions of materials in our shared drive is simply impossible. All it takes for someone to make a copy with the same or a similar name. It spreads like wildfire.”

Now, thanks to the streamlined sales asset library in DocSend, both teams have access to every final version of every piece of collateral. Plus, version control is achievable with a single click—and when the asset is updated, it’s updated across all Spaces that include it.

Letting Document Analytics Define the Future of InMobi’s Sales Collateral

Gone are the days of crafting sales collateral and hoping it works. With DocSend’s advanced page-by-page, slide-by-slide document analytics, Acosta and his team have a clear image of which piece or pieces drive prospect interest and the distribution of engagement across each piece. In effect, DocSend’s document analytics power both sales asset tracking and sales asset optimization in a seamless and clear-cut fashion.

Additionally, the team can now send out account-based DocSend links to sales collateral and track each account’s engagement with each asset. With this data in hand, the InMobi sales team can concentrate time and energy on leads that show interest and engagement, while testing and discovering new ways to engage colder leads.

What started as a way to display GIFs during prospect sales calls has become a secret weapon for InMobi’s sales and sales enablement teams. Curious how you can inspire the same growth? Click here to learn more about DocSend, and click here to get started for free.