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Why customers love DocSend

I’ve been using DocSend for fundraising and loving it. It's surreal to watch potential investors browse through my deck in real-time.

Nathan Beckord Co-founder & CEO, Foundersuite

DocSend’s analytics and notifications give us a clear sense of which deals are most likely to close. That helps us forecast with much more accuracy than before. The visibility into proposal and presentation engagement is indispensable.

Chelsea Holt Account Manager, Mic

Using DocSend is a great way to have control. We can be much more open with our proprietary information because we have confidence it will be protected.

Adam Marchick CEO, Kahuna

We send dozens of documents back and forth. Having one link that we constantly update with the latest material dramatically reduces client confusion and ensures we’re all on the same page.

Samantha Silberberg Associate Director of Client Services, Quartz

Over 7,000 customers trust DocSend with their critical documents.

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