Measure meaningful engagement with our advanced video analytics

Data-driven insights to close your deals faster.

Use analytics to your advantage

Our advanced video analytics goes way deeper than just tracking views. You’ll be able to precisely measure your viewers’ interest with a calculated engagement score to help you identify the parts of your pitch that are resonating with prospects. Get the insight you need to optimize your processes, prioritize leads, and better understand your prospects’ behavior so you can focus on what matters most – building strong relationships and making smarter business decisions.

Upload. Share. Analyze. Right from your dashboard

Do everything from your DocSend dashboard. You’re busy chasing opportunities, so we’ve made it quick and easy for you to upload your pitch videos. Customize your link settings to ensure that access stays with the right audience, and then watch the real-time data roll in.

Personalize your pitch

Give your videos a polished, professional look with a custom branded video player.  Armed with the analytical insights from your prospect’s specific viewer data, you can level-up the viewing experience, tailoring your material based on their likes and dislikes – all with a premium look and feel.

Add video and voice-over to documents

Create and send screen recordings that bring your documents to life with Dropbox Capture, all from your DocSend account. Swap out cold calls for human connection with personalized videos that build strong prospect connections. Paired with DocSend’s advanced video analytics, you can optimize any future recordings with rich viewer engagement metrics.

Secure document sharing with real-time analytics at your fingertips